DC Power connectors

A range of power plugs and panel mount sockets specifically designed for providing low voltage power connection to portable equipment or appliances. 1.3mm DC, 2.1mm DC and 2.5mm DC jack plugs and sockets and preconstructed DC power leads.

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DC Power Plugs
2.1mm DC Plugs
Switchcraft DC Power Plugs
DC power socket 1.3mm
DC power socket - chassis mounting
DC Power Socket 3.5A 2.1mm & 2.5mm PCB mounting
CLIFF FC681465 DC Power Connector 2.1 & 2.5mm 5A
DC power socket - panel mounting
DC power socket - heavy duty
DC Power Socket 2.1mm PCB Mount
Switchcraft RAPC712/722X series
SMT DC Sockets - Switchcraft
Line DC sockets
Car Accessory 12v DC Power Plug
Switchcraft 722RA 2.1mm DC Power Socket
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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