5mm LEDs

Comprehensive range of popular 5mm LEDs in a range of colours and intensities, diffused and clear lens options includin low voltage LEDs, low current LEDs, tricolour and flashing LEDs.

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5mm Standard LEDs
Kingbright L-7113ND 5mm Pure Orange LED 30mcd
Everlight 5mm High Efficiency LEDs
Kingbright L-53 & L-1513 5mm Ultrabright LEDs
Everlight 5mm Super Bright LEDs
Tek Opto 5mm Super Bright LEDs
Kingbright L1503 Series 5mm PCB Mounting LEDs
Kingbright L-53 12V Diffused LEDs
Tek Opto 5mm High Bright Flashing LEDs
Kingbright L-56 series 5mm Flashing LEDs
Tek Opto 5mm Rainbow Cycling LEDs
Kingbright L-53MBDL 5mm Blue LED Diffused
5mm Low Current LEDs
Kingbright L-59EGW 5mm Tri-colour LED
Kingbright L-7113UVC 5mm Ultraviolet LED
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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