Winstar OLED Display Modules

Winstar OLED Display Modules
A range of character modules using the very latest OLED technology, with the same mechanical size and pin-out as standard STN displays, making it simple to “upgrade” your products appearance without needing a complete redesign.
This full range of character OLED displays comes with an integrated “4 in 1” font driver, allowing the user to select English, Japanese, European or Russian characters.

OLED displays offer the following features:

• Fast Response Times "10μsec @ 25°"
• 175 degree viewing angle
• Low Profile - no backlight is required due to OLED being an emissive technology
• High Brightness of up to 2000cd/m2
• High Contrast Ratio of up to 2000:1
• Extended operating Temperature of -40° to 80°
• Low Power Consumption
• Sunlight Readable
The range of OLED modules are available in a choice of yellow, green, blue, red or white on black

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8 x 2 OLED Display
16 X 1 OLED Display
Winstar 16 x 2 OLED Displays
16 x 2 Big character OLED Display
20 x 2 OLED Display
20 X 4 OLED Display
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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