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Introducing ACP MCA14 Series: Elevating Control Solutions!

Introducing ACP MCA14 Series: Elevating Control Solutions!

Dive into innovation with ACP MCA14 Series, where precision meets versatility in 14mm carbon potentiometers housed within durable plastic enclosures and shafts.

Key Features:
🔹 Terminals and collector crafted from tinned brass for robust connectivity.
🔹 Flexibility in terminal options: straight or crimped for enhanced PCB stability during soldering.
🔹 Ingress Protection rating of IP 54 per IEC 60529, ensuring resilience against environmental factors.
🔹 Customisable parameters including resistance value, tolerance, tapers, pitch, wiper positioning, housing colour, and more.
🔹 Mechanical life and click effect options, with up to 38 detents available.
🔹 Self-extinguishing plastic parts meeting UL 94 V-0 standards for added safety.

🔹 Electronic household appliances
🔹 Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment
🔹 Thermostats

Ready to elevate your control systems? Explore the possibilities with ACP MCA14 Series, available at JPR Electronics!

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