ABS Boxes

ABS boxes and enclosures

We offer a huge range of ABS and polycarbonate enclosures and potting boxes with over 150 different profile,
colour, size and style options, suitable for electronic projects and small or large scale production, and available from UK stock.
Our ABS range includes multi-purpose boxes, hand-held, surface mount, flame-proof, watertight, IP rated, instrument
and desktop cases from BCL, CamdenBoss, Evatron and Hammond Enclosures.

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X6 Series Polycarbonate Electrical Enclosure
X7 Series Polycarbonate Heavy Duty Enclosure
Miniature Two-Part Boxes - T2,T3,T4
Takachi 92 series ABS Communications Enclosure
Takachi 91 series Low Profile Enclosures
Hammond 1551 Series Flanged Enclosures
Hammond 1553 Series Enclosures
CamdenBoss CB1500 Series Enclosure Kit
Self Adhesive Feet
Hammond 1594EWBK Heavy Duty Enclosure
Hammond 1551 Miniature Enclosures
Miniature Sloped Module Case - SCB1
CamdenBoss 200 series miniature multipurpose Boxes
Miniature Two Part Boxes - HBT3, HBT4
Two-Part Module Boxes
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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