Pushbutton switches

Miniature, ultraminiature and microminiature push switches. Mains voltage, low voltage, momentary action and latching action pushbutton switches.

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Miniature Push to Make Switches
Miniature Push Switch - PIC
Miniature Push to Break Switch - PIC
Miniature push switches - SCI
Everel SXL4 Series SPST 16A Latching Switch
Everel P Series 16mm Circular Mains Push Switch
Salecom R18-24A/24B Octagonal Button Push Switch
Salecom R18-23A/B Square Button Push Switch
Square latching Push Switch SCI R13-83B Series
Apem IB Series IP67 Momentary Push Switch
Apem IP Series IP67 Latching Push Switch
Pressal Press Switch 2A
Salecom TS30-P/ SPST Ultraminiature Push Switch
Salecom ES-40P IP67 Sealed PCB Push Switch
Salecom R18-36A Microminiature Push Switch
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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