Aerosol & Cleaning Products

A range of cleaning and service products from Ambersil, Kontakt Chemie & Electrolube.
PCB Lacquer, Antistatic Spray, Switch Cleaner, IPA Aerosol, Air Duster, Foam Cleanser, Conformal Coating.
Full range of products available from these manufacturers.

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Kontakt Chemie 33382-AA SUPER 10 Switch Cleaner
Plastik 70 74309-AH PCB Lacquer 200ml
Kontakt Chemie 83009-AF Antistatik 100 200ml
Kontakt IPA Isopropyl Alcohol Aerosol 200ml
Ambersil 6230003500 Cleaner Amberklene FE10 5Ltr
Ambersil 31570-AB Air Duster 400ml
Ambersil 31560-AA PCB Aerosol Cleaner 400ml
Ambersil 31592-AA Amberclens Foaming Cleaner
Electrolube DCA/DCR Conformal Coating - SCC3
Electrolube HPA200H Conformal Coating
Servisol Foam Cleanser 30 400ml 31467-AA
Kontakt-Chemie 72809-AE 601 Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Servisol 33203-AA Aero Duster 100 /2 200ml
Servisol 31473 Video 40 75ml
Kontakt-Chemie 81009-AA Label Off 50 Label Remover
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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