Founded in 2007, with over 75 years combined industry experience, Vigortronix specialise in the design, manufacture, procurement, stocking and distribution of wound components.

Based in the UK, with an in-house design department and on-site manufacturing facility, Vigortronix are able to take a customer’s enquiry and provide samples and pre-production quantities within 24-48 hours. With 5,500sq feet warehouse and offshore facilities, a wide range of all standard transformers, wound components and power supplies are available for immediate delivery.

High-Quality Electronic Products - Bespoke Products to Customer Specification - Project Support and Management - ISO 9001 Certified

    A full range of Transformers in a Variety of Styles:

    • Multiple Mounting
    • Torodial
    • Encapsulated
    • Current Sensing
    • Audio
    • Line/ Control

    Wound Components - Standard and Custom Wound Magnetics:

    • Coils
    • Inductors
    • Common-Mode
    • Chokes
    • Ferrite
    • SMT/ LAN

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    Vigortronix VTX-146 Series Toroidal Transformers
    Vigortronix VTX-214-001-1 AC-DC Converter 1 Watt
    Vigortronix VTX-214-001-3XX AC-DC Converter 1W
    Vigortronix VTX-214-002-3 AC-DC Converter 2 Watt
    Vigortronix VTX-214-003-1 AC-DC Converter 3 Watt
    Vigortronix VTX-214-003-2 Miniature Converter 3W
    Vigortronix VTX-214-003-3 AC-DC Converter 3 Watt
    Vigortronix VTX-214-005-0 Miniature Converter 5W
    Vigortronix VTX-214-005-1 AC-DC Converter 5 Watt
    Vigortronix VTX-214-005-3 AC-DC Converter 5 Watt
    Vigortronix VTX-214-006-1 AC-DC Converter 6 Watt
    Vigortronix VTX-214-010-1 AC-DC Converter 10 Watt
    Vigortronix VTX-214-010-2 AC-DC Converter 10 Watt
    Vigortronix VTX-214-015-1 AC-DC Converter 15 Watt
    Items : 15 30 90 View All

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