HY Electronics

HY Electronics

HY is a professional manufacturer engaged in the design, development and manufacture of power discrete semiconductors.

The products of HY have been used extensively in automotive, computing, communication and consumer industries etc.

HY is actively engaging in developing green energy related product applying in various fields such as LED lighting, solar and automotive power saving industries.

Quality certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 and UL.

Diode Bridge Rectifier Protection Device Automotive Device
Standard RectifiersStandard Bridge Rectifiers Electrical Static Discharge GuardStandard Rectifiers
FAST Recovery DiodeLow VF Bridge RectifiersZener Diode Schottky Rectifiers
High Efficiency and Ultra Fast Recovery DiodeFast Recovery Bridge Rectifiers Transient Voltage Suppressors Diode (TVS)High Efficiency and Ultra Fast Recovery Diode
Superfast Recovery RectifiersThree-phase Bridge Rectifiers Superfast Recovery Rectifiers
Schottky Rectifiers Schottky Barrier Bridge RectifiersBridge Rectifiers
Low VF Schottky Barrier DiodeSurface Mount Bridge RectifierTransient Voltage Suppressors Diode (TVS)
High Voltage Glass Passivated Rectifiers
Photovoltaic Solar Cell Protection Schottky Rectif
Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes

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HY Bridge Rectifiers 1A DIL DB101 thru DB107
HY Bridge Rectifier Glass Passivated 4A Inline
HY Bridge Rectifier 25A Inline
HY Bridge Rectifiers 6A
HY Bridge Rectifier Silicon 15A
HY Bridge Rectifier Glass Passivated 35A
HY Bridge Rectifier 25A
HY Bridge Rectifiers 50A Faston
RS1J HY SMA Fast Recovery GP Rectifier Diode
HY GP DFS Bridge Rectifier 1A 50 to 1KV
HY GP Fast Recovery SOD-123FL Rectifier Diode 1A
HY GP Superfast SMC Rectifier Diode 3.0A
HY P600 Series Rectifier Diode 6A
HY P600G Series Glass Rectifier Diode 6A
HY 1N4000G Glass Series Rectifier Diode 1A
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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