CLIFF Electronic Components Limited was founded in 1977 to supply the music industry with connectors. We have greatly expanded our products and services to become a high quality supplier to most professional and industrial markets. 

UK and Far Eastern production plants are certified to ISO 9001 and employ design, engineering and technical personnel. Quality has always been of prime importance and the majority of CLIFF products are covered by approvals from organisations such as ULCSAVDE and PSE (JEAML DENAN). 

JPR have been part of their distribution network for over 25 years. 

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CLIFF CL17084 Series 6mm Control Knobs
Thermal Circuit Breaker - Panel Mount, Single Pole
Thermal Circuit Breaker - Panel Mount, Single Pole
CLIFF CP30205N/NX Feedthrough Data Connector
CLIFF CP30206N/NX Feedthrough Data Connectors
CLIFF CP30207N/NX Feedthrough Data Connector
CLIFF CP30208N/NX Feedthrough Data Connector
CLIFF CP30209N/NX Feedthrough Data Connectors
CLIFF CP3015 Series Patch Panel, XLR, 16P, 1U
CLIFF FC681375VH 3.5mm Vertical Jack Socket
CLIFF S2 1/4" External Thread Jack Sockets
CLIFF S1C Series Stacking Jack Connectors
CLIFF S6 Series 3.5mm Jack Sockets
CLIFF CP3000 Series XLR Connectors
Quicktest Mains Connector CL1850
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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