WAGO professional hand tools

WAGO professional hand tools

Optimize work processes in wiring with professional hand tools

Digitalized and automated processes are shaping the day-to-day work of control cabinet manufacturing more and more. Yet despite all this digitalization, a great deal of the work in circuit cabinet manufacturing still involves manual assembly! The fact that over 70 % of the installation work is manual makes optimization of mechanical component placement and wiring all the more important. Anyone who relies on high-quality and functional tools can significantly reduce the time required and make work processes more efficient.

Your Benefits:

  • Simple, precise, safe operation
  • Time savings and process reliability
  • Economical and environmentally friendly

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WAGO 206-1125 Crimping tool 25; for insulated and uninsulated ferrules
WAGO 206-1126 Blade set; Standard, 0.03 mm² … 10 mm²; for 206-1125
WAGO 206-1127 Blade set; V-blade, 0.14 mm² … 4 mm²; for 206-1125
WAGO 206-1128 Blade set; Oval blade, 10 mm² … 16 mm²; for 206-1125
WAGO 206-1204 Variocrimp 4 crimping tool
WAGO 206-1225 Crimping tool 25; insulated & uninsulated ferrules;
WAGO 206-1403 Cable knife; with intelligent bracket change system
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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