PCB Interconnect

PCB Interconnect
Buy PCB interconnect headers, housing and sockets online

PCB connectors Single and Dual row pin headers (straight and right-angle), PCB interconnect systems including 2.54mm 3.96mm and 5.08mm types, crimp type connectors and housings, turned pin SIL headers and SIL sockets, open, closed and pull-tab jumper links. Our extensive range of board to board and wire to board PCB connectors includes single row and double row connectors from 2 poles up to 36 poles.

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1.27mm Headers & Housings
2.54mm Pin Header Straight Single Row
2.54mm Pin Header Straight Dual Row
2.54mm Pin Header 90° Single Row
2.54mm Pin Header 90° Dual Row
Pinrex 2.54mm Jumper links
E-Tec Turned Pin SIL Socket Strips
E-Tec Turned Pin SIL Headers
E-Tec 2.54mm Turned Pin Sockets
2.54mm Crimp Connectors PCB
Pinrex 3.96mm Crimp PCB Connectors
5.08mm Crimp PCB Connectors
Pinrex Crimp Terminals
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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