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Hammond Enclosure Customisation from JPR

By definition, all standard enclosures need to be configured to suit a specific application. We have many thousands of standard enclosure designs and sizes and we are able to offer modifications for orders as low as 25 units. Using us, the original manufacturer, eliminates scrap and design interpretation of your requirements.

The latest addition to our in-house capability is full colour UV digital printing. We can now enhance your product with eye-catching graphics and legends. The traditional four colour CMYK inks and clear, two whites and a primer are used to achieve an impressive array of finishes. The primer ink, applied selectively to the required areas of the enclosure, provides excellent sharp results on enclosures with both smooth and textured finishes. The unit has a maximum plan print size of 610 x 420 mm, so UV printing a full 9U 19" front panel is no problem at all. The machine can accept objects up to 153 mm high, so printing on the sides as well as the lids of enclosures is achievable, as is printing to the edges of curved surfaces. The clear ink allows selected areas or the complete surface to be finished with a high gloss, matte or embossed finish, greatly expanding the creative options for logos, backgrounds and legends. An embedded library of 129 different texture effects means that the design possibilities are almost endless.

Our additional investment in upgrading our digital UV printing capability allows you to ensure that your products reflect their inherent quality, supporting your brand identity and providing sharp, long-lasting solid and gradient colours and textured effects on the top and side faces of the enclosure that houses your electronics. We can do the the entire job for you in our one-stop shop – no need to send part-finished enclosures out to multiple contractors for the different processes, we take care of the whole process. One purchase order and the exact quantity required, there is no need to over-order for first-offs and approvals at multiple stages.

Full colour UV printing key features and benefits

  • UV digital printing on plastic, aluminium and steel surfaces
  • Maximum plan print size is 610 x 420 mm, maximum product height is 153 mm
  • 19" front panels up to 9U can be printed
  • Crisp, sharp UV printing right to the edge on smooth and textured surfaces
  • Crisp, sharp UV printing right to the edge on curved surfaces
  • Complex and colourful graphic designs are faithfully rendered with outstanding clarity
  • Solid and gradient UV printing capability
  • Gloss, matt and textured finishes on the complete surface or selected highlight areas
  • The printed images are long-lasting, durable and scratch resistant
  • Staggered print heads and rapid UV curing ensure crisp colour integrity and fast throughput
  • Advanced software control minimises banding and uneven colours on large surfaces
  • Your artwork can be imported in a number of industry-standard file formats to eliminate transcription errors

Customisation and other capabilities

  • Precision CNC Milling of holes, cut-outs, pockets, tapping and countersinking.
  • Engraving of logos and text in both plastic and metal.
  • Pressed in hardware: nuts, studs and standoffs.
  • Silk screen printing for areas of solid colour
  • Custom moulding colours. All ABS, flame retardant ABS and polycarbonate enclosures can be moulded in any custom colour subject to a minimum order quantity.
  • Custom painted colours - powder coating in either smooth or textured finish.
To view a video showing Hammond's customisation capabilities, click here.
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