Cables & Wires

JPR Electronics provide cables and wires for all of your electronic needs. Our range is extensive and spans from PVC insulated Solid and flexible core connecting wire, to speaker wires, USB cables and more. We also supply special and custom cable assemblies for manufacturers and other users. If you aren’t sure which cables and wires you need, our friendly team can help you, contact us and we will help you find what you need.

Lapp ÖLFLEX® Uniplus Tri-Rated 100m Cable

We stock the new, Lapp ÖLFLEX® Uniplus Tri-Rated 100m Cable. ÖLFLEX® created the first branded cable in the world, and the first colour coded cable. This versatile cable is used across many different industries and is universally applicable and available with international licenses. 

UK Manufactured range of cables and wires

JPR Electronics also stock our own range of UK manufactured cables - with plenty of stock available and short lead times on orders (4 weeks).  We can help you with your cable needs quickly and efficiently, with no delays as your cables are coming from right here in the UK. With our own range of quality cables and wires, we ensure that you receive the highest quality product time after time. 

Our range of cables are utilized in a range of industries due to the high-quality of the cables and wires.

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1/0.6mm Equipment Wire
7/0.2mm Equipment Wire
16/0.2mm Equipment Wire
24/0.2mm Equipment Wire - 100m Reels
32/0.2mm Equipment Wire - 100m Reels
55/0.1mm Extra Flexible Wire - 25m
Ribbon Cable Flat Grey 100ft & 250ft Reel UL2651
Speaker Wire
Lapp ÖLFLEX® Uniplus Tri-Rated 100m Cable
DC Power Leads; Moulded
Flexible Mains Cables - BS:6500
Tinned Copper Wire 500g Reels
Enamelled Copper Wire 500g Reels
Nickel Chrome Wire 125g Reel
Constantan Copper Nickel Wire 125g Reel
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