Battery Holders and Boxes

Discover our comprehensive range of battery holders and boxes, designed to accommodate all standard battery types, including AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V. Our range of battery holders & boxes include a variety of features to suit your needs:

  • Open and Enclosed Battery Boxes: Choose from our open-frame designs for easy access and battery status monitoring, or select enclosed boxes for added protection against environmental factors.
  • Versatile Battery Holders: We offer battery holders with different connection options, such as solder tags for permanent fixtures, studs for robust mounting, snap terminals for quick changes, and wire leads for flexible installations.
  • Convenient Power Management: Some of our battery boxes come with integrated on-off switches, simplifying power management and contributing to the longevity of your batteries by preventing unnecessary discharge.
  • Coin Cell Holders: Our range includes coin cell holders in various configurations like vertical, horizontal, and Surface-Mount Device (SMD) versions, providing secure placement and reliable connection in compact spaces.

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2 x AAA BH-421ATH-150mm Battery Holder JST Conn
Comfortable AAA Battery Holder Solder Terminal
Comfortable AAA Battery Holders with Wire leads
Comfortable AA Battery Holders with Snap Terminal
Comfortable AA Battery Holder Wire Leads
Comfortable 2 x AAA Battery box with switch
AA Battery Holders - Economy Range
Comfortable AA Battery Holder Solder Terminals
Comfortable AA Battery Holders PCB Mount
Comfortable SBH-XXX Battery Boxes with Covers
Comfortable, SBH-361A, AA x 6 Battery Box
Comfortable BH-2XX C Cell Battery Holders
Commercial C Cell Battery Holders
Comfortable N Size UM5 PCB Mount Battery Holder
Comfortable D Cell Battery Holders
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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