Battery Holders and Boxes

A comprehensive range of open and enclosed battery boxes for all standard batteries AAA, AA, C, D and 9V sizes. Battery holders with solder tags, studs, snap terminals and wire leads. Battery boxes available with on-off switch. Coin cell holders in vertical, horizontal and SMD versions. Industrial and commercial ranges available from our in-depth stocks.

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2 x AAA Battery Holder JST Conn BH-421ATH-150mm
Comfortable AAA Battery Holder Solder Terminal
Comfortable AAA Battery Holders with Wire leads
Comfortable AA Battery Holders with Snap Terminal
Comfortable AA Battery Holder Wire Leads
2 x AAA Battery box with switch SBH-421-1AS
AA Battery Holders - Economy Range
AA Battery Holders - Solder Terminals
AA Battery Holders - PCB Mounting
Battery Boxes with Covers
Comfortable, SBH-361A, AA x 6 Battery Box
C Cell Battery Holders
Commercial C Cell Battery Holders
N Size UM5 PCB Mount Battery Holder BH511-4P
D Cell Battery Holders
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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