Battery Holders and Boxes

A comprehensive range of open and enclosed battery boxes for all standard batteries AAA, AA, C, D and 9V sizes. Battery holders with solder tags, studs, snap terminals and wire leads. Battery boxes available with on-off switch. Coin cell holders in vertical, horizontal and SMD versions. Industrial and commercial ranges available from our in-depth stocks.

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2 x AAA BH-421ATH-150mm Battery Holder JST Conn
Comfortable AAA Battery Holder Solder Terminal
Comfortable AAA Battery Holders with Wire leads
Comfortable AA Battery Holders with Snap Terminal
Comfortable AA Battery Holder Wire Leads
2 x AAA Battery box with switch SBH-421-1AS
AA Battery Holders - Economy Range
AA Battery Holders - Solder Terminals
AA Battery Holders - PCB Mounting
Comfortable SBH-XXX Battery Boxes with Covers
Comfortable, SBH-361A, AA x 6 Battery Box
Comfortable BH-2XX C Cell Battery Holders
Commercial C Cell Battery Holders
N Size UM5 PCB Mount Battery Holder BH511-4P
D Cell Battery Holders
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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