Mains Power Leads

A range of fully moulded IEC60320 type C13 and C14 connectors pre-assembled on to mains power cords with UK, European or US type plugs.

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C13 IEC Socket to 2M Free End 6A Black
IEC Plug to Twin IEC sockets 2M Black 10A Rated
C14 IEC Male to C13 Female 2M Mains Lead Black
UK Plug to R/A IEC 2M 5A Black
13A Plug to Twin IEC Sockets 2M Black
SCHUKO plug to Cloverleaf C5 socket 1.8M 6A Black
SCHUKO plug to IEC socket cordset
UK Plug to Free End 2M 5A Black
US 3 pin plug to IEC socket cordset
13A plug to Figure 8 socket fused 3A
UK Plug to C5 Clover Leaf Socket 2M 6A
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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