JPR is proud to be the sole UK distributor for Salecom, a partnership we have nurtured for over 30 years! At JPR, we maintain high stock levels, ensuring that you have quick access to the components you need. Salecom's lead times are impressively short—only 6-7 weeks max!

Salecom Electronics is a renowned manufacturer specialising in high-quality switch solutions. With over 40 years of expertise, Salecom offers a diverse range of products, including the TS40-T Subminiature PCB Toggle Switch and the T80S Series Slide Switch, among many others!

Their commitment to innovation and quality is evident in their robust, reliable products, widely used in the electronics, automotive, and telecommunication sectors. Salecom's ISO-certified manufacturing process ensures top-tier product standards, reinforcing their reputation as a leader in the switch manufacturing industry.

View our quality and safety standards switches at JPR!

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Salecom R18-24A/24B Octagonal Button Push Switch
Salecom R18-23A/B Square Button Push Switch
Salecom TS30-P/ SPST Ultraminiature Push Switch
Salecom ES-40P IP67 Sealed PCB Push Switch
Salecom R18-36A Microminiature Push Switch
Salecom T80S Series Slide Switch
Salecom 250 Miniature PCB Slide Switch
Salecom Subminiature IP67 Sealed PCB Slide Switch
Salecom TS40-S Series Ultraminiature Slide Switch
Salecom ES-40T IP67 Sealed Submin. Toggle Switch
Salecom TS40-T Series Subminiature Toggle Switch
Salecom TS40-T Subminiature PCB Toggle Switch
Salecom T80-T Series Miniature Toggle Switch
Salecom T80-T Series Flat Actuator Toggle Switch
Salecom T80-T Series Miniature PCB Toggle Switch
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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