Founded in 1979, Warton Metals has gained an enviable reputation for its range of innovative Solder Pastes, High Purity Bar Solder and Solid Solder Wire products, Cored Solder Wires, Liquid Fluxes, Rework Gels and Cleaning products which have all been designed to meet the changing demands of both industry and the environment.

Product technologies include: no clean, VOC Free, halogen free, rosin/colophony free, lead free along with a full range of traditional leaded products to suit all applications.

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Total Clean Stencil Wipes
Future 315 Low Residue No Clean Flux
Autosol RA Alloy No. 1 Fast Flow 2% Solder Wire
Future HF 63/37 No Clean Fast Flow 2% Flux Solder
Omega 63/37 Fast Flow 2% Flux Solder Wire
Omega II 99C Fast Flow Flux 2% Lead/Rosin Free
Solder - Lead Free Omega TSC
Total Clean 200 Flux remover solution
Total Clean 130 Stencil cleaning solution
Warton Surf Clean Flux Residue SCS-18 44
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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