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Potentiometers from ACP Technologies

The potentiomer is a mature but resilient electromechanical component that has been present in a variety of electronics circuitry for many years.

Voltage divider or rheostat are the only two possible wiring configurations in a circuit for a potentiometer. In either case, they can perform different functions like trimming, setting, control, function selection or position sensing on many electronics equipments.

ACP’s technical expertise and know how let us offer a wide range of possibilities for PCB Through Hole and SMD mount. Featuring standard linear, log or antilog tapers; more sophisticated step functions or tight linearity, optionally combined with detents, ACP potentiometers are suitable for a wide range of applications.

We can also propose custom products using ACP screen printing solutions, combinations of our potentiometer building blocks or even fully tailor made electromechanical products.

Principally our products can be found on market segments like Appliances, Automotive, Industrial and Multimedia. Each one of the next sections describes specific examples where our products are successfully used.

JPR Electronics are the UK Distributor for ACP Technologies. Please contact us for all of your potentiometer requirements. CA9 Horizontal Type Finger Adjust CA9 Vertical Slot Adjust

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