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Pinrex 2.54mm Crimp Connectors for PCBs

Introducing Pinrex 2.54mm Crimp Connectors for PCBs!

Discover the precision and reliability of Pinrex 742 series, featuring versatile pin headers, socket housings, and crimp terminals designed for seamless integration into your PCB projects.

Key Features:

✅ Pinrex Precision: The 2.54mm Crimp PCB Connectors from Pinrex ensure a secure and efficient connection. The 742 series is engineered with meticulous attention to detail for optimal performance.

✅ Versatile Components: Explore a range of components within the series, including pin headers, socket housings, and crimp terminals. This versatility allows you to tailor your connections to meet the specific requirements of your PCB design.

✅ 2.54mm Pitch: The connectors boast a standardised 2.54mm pitch, offering compatibility and ease of use in various electronic applications.

✅ Reliable Connectivity: Pinrex is synonymous with quality. Count on these connectors for stable and durable connections that withstand the demands of your electronic projects.

Revolutionise your PCB designs with Pinrex 2.54mm Crimp Connectors – where precision meets performance.

Upgrade your connectivity game today!

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