Hammond 1455 Series Aluminium Instrument Enclosure

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Alum. Enclosure 120 x 54 x 23  1455C1201 - Clear
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Hammond 1455 Series Aluminium Instrument Enclosure

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Hammond 1445 Series range of extruded natural aluminium enclosures designed to house PCB's or for equipment interfacing.
PC boards mount horizontally by sliding into internal slots extruded within the enclosure.
End plates are aluminium with black plastic bezel.

  • Rugged aluminium construction with minimum 1.5mm thickness.
    Available with clear anodised or matt black finish.
  • Cases width 78mm and above have sliding removable side plate.
  • Sized for standard Eurocards.
  • Removable aluminium end panels are easily drilled or punched.
  • Complete with fixing screws and self-adhesive feet.

    All sizes available in Clear, Black, Blue or Red finish.
    If not listed below, please call for price

Hammond 1455 series

RoHS compliant

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Product Specifications

Specification 880-220 880-220B 880-201 880-272 880-272B 880-202 880-273 880-273B 880-226 880-222 880-222B 880-224 880-224B 880-203 880-227 880-274 880-274B 880-204 880-228 880-232 880-277 880-277B 880-228B 880-206 880-233 880-230 880-230B 880-207 880-275 880-275B 880-209 880-256 880-271 880-280 880-287 880-288 880-289 880-290 880-291 880-292 880-293 880-294 880-278 880-278B 880-255 880-279 880-279B 880-295 880-296 880-297
Dimensions (LxWxH)
80 x 54 x 23 (1455C801) 80 x 54 x 23 (1455C801BK) 60x45x25 (1455C801BU) 60x45x25 (1455D601) 60x45x25 (1455D601BK) 60x45x25 (1455D601BU) 80x45x25 (1455D801) 80x45x25 (1455D801BK) 80x45x25 (1455D801RD) 120x54x23 (1455C1201) 120x54x23 (1455C1201BK) 120x78x27 (1455J1201) 120x78x27 (1455J1201BK) 120x78x27 (1455J1201BU) 120x78x27 (1455J1201RD) 122x78x43 (1455K1201) 122x78x43 (1455K1201BK) 122x78x43 (1455K1201BU) 120x103x30.5 (1455L1201) 122x78x43 (1455K1201RD) 162x78x43 (1455K1601) 162x78x43 (1455K1601BK) 120x103x30.5 (1455L1201) 122x103x30.5 (1455L1201BU) 122x103x30.5 (1455L1201RD 160x103x30.5 (1455L1601) 160x103x30.5 (1455L1601BK) 160x103x30.5 (1455L1601BU) 160x103x53 (1455N1601) 160x103x53 (1455N1601BK) 160x103x53 (1455N1601BU) 160x125x30.5 (1455P1601) 160x125x30.5 (1455P1601BK) 160x125x51.5 (1455Q1601) 160x125x30.5 (1455P1601BK) 160x125x51.5 (1455Q1601BU) 160x165x30.5 (1455R1601) 160x165x30.5 (1455R1601BK) 160x165x30.5 (1455R1601BU) 160x165x30.5 (1455T1601) 160x165x30.5 (1455T1601BK) 160x165x30.5 (1455T1601BU) 220x103x30.5 (1455L2201) 220x103x30.5 (1455L2201BK) 220x103x30.5 (1455L2201BU) 220x103x53 (1455N2201) 220x103x53 (1455N2201BK) 160x165x30.5 (1455T2201) 160x165x30.5 (1455T2201BK) 160x165x30.5 (1455T2201BU)