Audio & Video

We stock a range of connectors suitable for most audio & video applications, including DIN plugs and sockets, Mini-DIN, jack plugs, jack sockets, commercial and professional duty RCA (phono) plugs and sockets, audio adaptors, speaker terminals and XLR connectors.

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CLIFF CP30205N/NX Feedthrough Data Connector
CLIFF CP30206N/NX Feedthrough Data Connectors
CLIFF CP30207N/NX Feedthrough Data Connector
CLIFF CP30208N/NX Feedthrough Data Connector
CLIFF CP30209N/NX Feedthrough Data Connectors
CLIFF CP3015 Series Patch Panel, XLR, 16P, 1U
Deltron 7000 Series XLR Connectors
CLIFF CP3000 Series XLR Connectors
XLR Connectors - latching
DIN Plugs - Standard Range
DIN Sockets - Chassis mount standard
Deltron 590 series DIN Plugs
Deltron 610 series DIN Plugs
Deltron 650 series DIN Sockets
DIN Sockets - In line
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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