Two-Part Module Boxes

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MB1 Black
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Two-Part Module Boxes

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A range of high quality, low cost module boxes, moulded in high impact ABS. Easily punched or drilled to produce a professional end product.

Available in black, white or computer grey, lid fixing by 4 machine screws into brass inserts (6 screws on MB4 & MB6). All have integral PCB slots to all 4 walls, except Type MB6.
Types MB4, MB6 and MB7 are matt finish, all other types are gloss finish.
Nominal wall thickness:
MB1/MB2/MB3: 1.5mm
MB4: 4.0mm
MB5/MB7/MB8: 2.5mm
MB6: 3.0mm

RoHS compliant

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Product Specifications

Specification 880-020B 880-020W 880-020G 880-025B 880-025W 880-025G 880-030B 880-030W 880-030G 880-035B 880-035W 880-035G 880-040B 880-040W 880-040G 880-045B 880-045W 880-045G 880-047B 880-047W 880-047G 880-049B 880-049W 880-049G
PCB Slots
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
External Dims. LxWxH (mm)
79x61x40 79x61x40 79x61x40 100x76x41 100x76x41 100x76x41 118x98x45 118x98x45 118x98x45 216x130x85 216x130x85 216x130x85 150x100x60 150x100x60 150x100x60 220x150x64 220x150x64 220x150x64 177x120x83 177x120x83 177x120x83 150x80x50 150x80x50 150x80x50
MB1 Black MB1 White MB1 Grey MB2 Black MB2 White MB2 Grey MB3 Black MB3 White MB3 Grey MB4 Black MB4 White MB4 Grey MB5 Black MB5 White MB5 Grey MB6 Black MB6 White MB6 Grey MB7 Black MB7 White MB7 Grey MB8 Black MB8 White MB8 Grey