Salecom T80-T Series Miniature Toggle Switch

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SPST toggle switch on-off
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Salecom T80-T Series Miniature Toggle Switch

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Salecom offer a range of high quality panel mounting miniature electrical toggle switches suitable for industrial,
commercial, test and aerospace applications.
Available in a variety of contact and switching configurations, on-off, latching and momentary options.
Stainless steel housing with silver plated copper-alloy contacts,

Salecom toggle switches are widely used in telecommunications, instrumentation, medical equipment,
computer peripherals and network products.
As the UK distributor for Salecom, JPR hold substantial stocks
of many T80-T versions. Non-stocked versions are also available to order subject to MOQ.

Rating: 5A 120VAC/28VDC 2A 240VAC
Dielectric Strength: 1500V RMS
Temperature range: -30° to +85°C.
Insulation resistance: >1000MΩ
Contact resistance: <10mΩ maximum initial
Electrical life: 50,000 make/break cycles at full load
Case material: Diallyl phthalate (DAP)
Contact material: Coin silver, silver plated
Panel cutout 6.35mm
UL approved.

For biased switches (on) denotes momentary action (see table information)
Actuator length 10.41mm. Salecom T80-T series.

RoHS compliant

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Product Specifications

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Manufacturer Ref.
T8013(2P)-SEBQ-H T8013-SEBQ-H T8013A-SEBQ-H T8014-SEBQ-H T8014B-SEBQ-H T8014A-SEBQ-H T8011-SEBQ-H T8012-SEBQ-H T8012A-SEBQ-H T8301-SEBQ-H T8305-SEBQ-H T8401-SEBQ-H T8405-SEBQ-H
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