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A Guide To Iskra Electronics

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Camden Boss Unblocked

Camden Boss is one of those rare companies whose reputation predates the company's existence; it seems hard to believe now but Camden Electronics and Boss Enclosures only merged seven years ago, in 2009.By that stage both companies were already known for producing durable, well-engineered products d [...]
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Hongfa: Winning the Relay Race

It’s strange to think, now, that Hongfa is barely more than thirty years old. Producing over a billion relays each year from largely-automated factories, they’ve become one of the go-to companies when relays are needed for industrial or domestic appliance control, telecommunication, automotive and s [...]
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Home Electronics Projects

The word 'Lifehack' is now firmly ensconced in the Oxford English Dictionary. While many lifehacks are simple tips or techniques, others involve channelling that strain of invention and innovation we at JPR love and encourage.Many of the kits we offer are squarely aimed at teaching children in schoo [...]
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British Tradition Reinvented: The Hackspace

Hackspaces, also sometimes called Maker Spaces or Maker Fairs, have surged in popularity in the past few years. Located around the country and usually organised through social media systems like Facebook and Telegram, hackspaces are places where hobbyist engineers, craftsmen, and designers come toge [...]
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