AB77 Black ABS Box
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Versatile ABS boxes with a matt finish, available in three sizes. Their attractive and unobtrusive design make them ideal for domestic, commercial and office applications. The lids are retained by 4 self-tapping screws which can be inserted from either side of the box, and can be hidden with the matching plastic covers provided. Vertical PCB slots and integral stand-offs are provided in both halves of the box.

Available in black or white. Nominal wall thickness: 3mm.

RoHS compliant

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Product Specifications

Specification 880-115B 880-115W 880-117B 880-117W 880-119B 880-119W 880-134B 880-134W 880-135B 880-135W 880-137B 880-137W
External Dims. LxWxH (mm)
178x122x36 178x122x36 178x122x55 178x122x55 178x122x74 178x122x74 240x190x40 240x190x40 240x190x65 240x190x65 240x190x90 240x190x90
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