Hammond 1593 Series Hand-Held Enclosure

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Black case 114 x 36 x 25mm Two removable panels 1593DBK
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Hammond 1593 Series Hand-Held Enclosure

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Ergonomically designed hand-held cases, incorporating moulded bosses for mounting PCB's.
Moulded in ABS plastic and secured with self-tapping screws.
The smallest size case is available with ot without removable panels at each end.
All other sizes are available with either 2 removable end panels, or 1 removable end panel and
a battery compartment which will accomodate either 1 x 9V PP3 or 2 x AA batteries.
Case tops are recessed to accept membrane keypad or label. Available in Black or Grey.
Hammond 1593 series.

RoHS compliant

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Product Specifications

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Black case Hammond 1593JBK Grey case Hammond 1593JGY Black case Hammond 1593KBK Grey case Hammond 1593KGY Black case Hammond 1593SBK Grey case Hammond 1593SGY Black case Hammond 1593LBK Grey case Hammond 1593LGY Black case Hammond 1593PBK Black case Hammond 1593PGY Black Case Hammond 1593NBK Grey Case Hammond 1593NGY Black Case Hammond 1593QBK Grey Case Hammond 1593QGY Black case Hammond 1593DBK Grey case Hammond 1593DGY Black Case Hammond 1593XBK Grey Case Hammond 1593XGY Black Case Hammond 1593YBK Grey Case Hammond 1593YGY