Hammond 1551 Miniature Enclosures

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1551FBK enclosure 50x35x15 black
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Hammond 1551 Miniature Enclosures

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Miniature Two Part Enclosure
Moulded in ABS Plastic in a choice of Black or Grey
Lap Joint Construction
Designed to meet IP54

Wide range of sizes.
Miniature enclosures moulded in a choice of either Black or Grey General Purpose ABS Plastic.
Each Box features a satin texture finish and lap joint construction to protect against the access of dust and splashing water.
Designed to meet IP54.
Lid is secured with 2 self-tapping #4 x1/2’’ Screws. (Height includes Lid of 3mm)
RoHS compliant
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Product Specifications

Specification 881-380 881-381 881-382 881-383 881-386 881-387 881-384 881-385 881-394 881-395 881-392 881-393 881-398 881-399 881-396 881-397 881-402 881-403 881-400 881-401 881-390 881-391 881-388 881-389
External Dims. AxBxC (mm)
50x35x15 50x35x15 50x35x20 50x35x20 60x35x15 60x35x15 60x35x20 60x35x20 35x35x15 35x35x15 35x35x20 35x35x20 40x40x15 40x40x15 40x40x20 40x40x20 50x50x15 50x50x15 50x50x20 50x50x20 80x40x15 80x40x15 80x40x20 80x40x20
Ref. 1551FBK - Black. Ref. 1551FGY - Grey Ref. 1551GBK - Black. Ref. 1551GGY - Grey Ref. 1551JBK - Black Ref. 1551JGY - Grey Ref. 1551HBK - Black Ref. 1551HGY - Grey Ref. 1551NBK - Black Ref. 1551NGY - Grey Ref. 1551MBK - Black Ref. 1551MGY - Grey Ref. 1551QBK - Black Ref. 1551QGY - Grey Ref. 1551PBK -Black Ref. 1551PGY - Grey Ref. 1551SBK - Black Ref. 1551SGY - Grey Ref. 1551RBK - Black Ref. 1551RGY - Grey Ref. 1551LBK - Black Ref. 1551LGY - Grey Ref. 1551KBK - Black Ref. 1551KGY - Grey

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