Mylar speaker 40mm round 0.5W
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A range of weatherproof mylar cone loudspeakers with ferrite magnets.
These are specifically designed for outdoor use as the mylar cones are impervious to water or moisture,
and their wide frequency response makes them suitable for many applications, including alarm sounders.
Available with round or square frame, size ranges 40mm(1½”) to 100mm (4").
Impedance 8Ω nominal all models.

RoHS compliant

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Product Specifications

Specification 360-023 360-026 360-027 360-029 360-036 360-038 360-031 360-041
Rating RMS
0.5W 0.5W 2W 2W 2W 2W 12W 10W
40mm Round 50mm Round 66mm Round 66mm Square 77mm Round 77mm Square 87mm Square 100mm Square
Frequency range
0.7-6KHz 0.3-5KHz 0.3-9KHz 0.3-9KHz 0.25-11KHz 0.25-11KHz 0.5-18KHz 0.23-14KHz