Rear bike light kit
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This easy build bike light kit has just ten parts, making it a good introduction to electronics. The kit uses two ultra bright red LEDs, which flash rapidly, providing a highly visible light, making it ideal for use as a rear bike light.
Alternatively it can be used as a night safety product or flashing eyes.

The kit includes:
  • 1 x 2AA battery holder with leads
  • 2 x 470Kohm resistor
  • 1 x 33ohm resistor
  • 2 x 10uF capacitor electrolytic
  • 2 x BC547B NPN transistor
  • 2 x high brightness red LED 5mm
  • 1 x bike light PCB
PCB dimensions: 48.5mm x 25.5mm.
Requires x2 AA batteries, available separately
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Specification 445-152
Rear bike light kit

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