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Hitano Capacitors
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Hitano Capacitors

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posted in Latest News by JPR Electronics on 13:14 Mar 23rd, 2012

JPR offers a full range of leaded and SMD ceramic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors from Hitano, as well as a full range of metallised film X2 suppression capacitors, polyester film (mylar) capacitors, and dipped tantalum bead types. JPR also offer the full range of Hitano metal oxide varistors (VCRs), with the most popular current/voltage options available from stock, and the entire range always available on short lead time.

Hitanos huge range of electrolytic capacitors includes the general purpose ECR series, high temperature EHR series, designed for use in communications equipment, switching regulators and industrial applications, and the EXR series which are ideal for use in switching power supplies and other high frequency applications. Non-polarised, sub-miniature and ultra-miniature styles are also available in both conventional leaded and Surface mount SMD packages, ideal for high density mounting and automatic insertion.

The MPX suppression capacitor range from Hitano is fully approved to VDE and UL standards. Most capacitance values are available from JPR ex-stock, and all at highly competitive prices. The TCR range of dipped tantalum bead capacitors from Hitano is now being gradually introduced in to JPRs stock range, and it is planned to have the full TCR range available from mid 2012.

Finally on the subject of new developments from Hitano, two new ranges of Conductive Polymer solid Aluminium capacitors are now in production; the EVS series SMD type and the EVR series radial lead type. These capacitors are ideal for use in digital and high frequency devices, offering ultra-low ESR levels, and combine excellent performance with high heat resistance and high reliability.

Hitano capacitors are renowned for their consistent quality and reliability, and their very comprehensive range of types, and choice of taping, lead forming & lead cutting options means that they can practically always offer the right capacitor for the job.

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