Hammond RP1465 Watertight ABS Enclosure 220x165x85

Hammond RP1465 series are ideally suited for mounting printed circuit boards or components.
•Material - General purpose ABS plastic (material carries a UL flammability rating of UL94 HB).
•Colour is a light gray with a light texture. Also available with a clear polycarbonate lid (see table below).
• Gasketed lid with two piece "tongue & groove" construction provides protection against access of oil, dust and water.
•Rubber gasket is included and must be field installed.
•Lid includes smooth recessed area for membrane, label or silkscreen (see chart below for recess size).
• Designed to meet IP 65.
• Lid is secured with self captivating - M3.5 stainless steel machine screws (included), threaded into integral stainless steel bushings (for repetitive assembly & disassembly). All stainless steel hardware to avoid corrosion caused by dissimilar metals.
•Lid screws are self captivating (lid holes are threaded with the first installation of lid screws).
•Internal features are maximized for mounting options: ◦Internal DIN rail mounting tabs - moulded in.
◦Options vary with size.

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