Hongfa - Miniature PCB Relays

Hongfa - Miniature PCB Relays
A range of miniature relays from Hongfa which offer board space savings and low power consumption and designed for a wide range of circuit control application.
HF3, HF7, HF27, HFD2, HFD23, HFD27, HFD41.

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Hongfa Sub-miniature Relays HFD23 - SPCO 1A
Hongfa Sub-miniature DIL Relays HFD41
Hongfa Sub-miniature DIL Relays HFD41A
Hongfa Sub-miniature Relays HF7FD - SPCO 10A
Hongfa Miniature BT47 Relays HFD27 - DPCO 1A
Hongfa Miniature BT51 Relays HFD27(S) - DPCO 1A
Hongfa HFD2 Latching DPCO Relays
Hongfa Subminiature HF3FF PCB relay
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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