Power Relay

Power Relay

Power relays are used for switching higher power circuits that start from 3 Amp and can go up to 50Amps. The relays use a
uses an electromagnetic coil, the power relay also contains an armature, a spring and one or several contacts.

They are typically used in automotive electronics, a range of home appliances and lighting control and many more.

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Finder 32.21 Relays - SPCO 6A
Finder 34.51 Relays - SPCO 6A
Finder 36.11 Relays - SPCO 10A
Finder 40.11 Relays - Low-profile SPCO 10A
Finder 40.52 Relays - DPCO 8A
Finder 40.62 Relays DPDT 10A
Finder 41.52 Relays - DPCO 8A
Finder 43.41 Relays - SPDT 10A
Finder 50 Series - Forcibly Guided Contacts 8A PCB
Hongfa HF115F/FA High power Relays
Hongfa Sub-miniature Relays HF7FD - SPCO 10A
Hongfa Subminiature HF3FF PCB relay
Finder 40.31 Relays - SPCO 10A and 12A
Finder 40.61 Relays - SPCO 16A
Finder 41.31 Relays - SPCO 12A
Items : 15 30 90 View All

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