Thermal Circuit Breakers - PCB

Thermal Circuit Breakers - PCB
P.C.B. mounting thermal circuit breakers with automatic reset, for protection of
equipment against over-current conditions. These are particularly suitable for protecting amplifiers,
power supplies and audio speaker systems from internal overcurrents.

Contacts are snap-action, and moulded in a phenolic resin housing.

Dims. 22x12.6x6mm. PCB pin pitch 7.5mm. Voltage rating 250V AC.

Trip time overload current: 200% <30 secs. 300% <7 secs.

Current Max.Interrupt Internal
Rating Current Resistance
1.0A 20A Obsolete
1.6A 20A <100mΩ
2.2A 20A <75mΩ
3.0A 30A <35mΩ
5.0A 50A <30mΩ

RoHS compliant


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