Educational Wind Turbine Kit

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Educational Wind Turbine Kit
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Educational Wind Turbine Kit

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Developed with the National Energy Foundation, the Ecostyle Wind Turbine Kit is a working model
of a real wind turbine.
Hands-on and fully interactive, the kit shows how wind power can be harnessed to generate electricity.
Assembled in minutes and easy to use, making it suitable for both children and adults.
It is designed for use in schools, colleges and universities, by councils, or as a demonstration model
to promote wind power within industry.

The tailplane automatically turns the wind turbine towards the wind, even if the wind changes direction.
Watch the wind turbine power the electric motor, buzzer or LED, or connect it to the voltmeter to measure
the amount of electricity generated.
Try different turbine blade configurations - the turbine hub offers combinations of two, three or six blades.
The blade angles can be easily adjusted too.
The kit includes a set of four cogs which can be easily interchanged to test three different gear combinations
with ratios of 3:1, 1:1 and 1:3.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest quality standards, and built to last and provide many years of reliable service.

Kit includes:
- Two-part wind turbine (600mm high) consisting of a nacelle (top), and tower (base)
- Integral clamp to secure the wind turbine to a table top or bench etc.
- Six turbine blades
- Motor module
- LED module
- Buzzer module
- Dual-scale analogue voltmeter
- Brass-hub gears: 60-tooth, two 40-tooth, and 20-tooth with a 1.5mm hex key
- Operating and assembly instructions
- Cardboard storage case

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Educational Wind Turbine Kit

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