PBU206 Prototyping Board

White high durability prototyping board enabling a quick and easy means of experimenting, building and testing circuit designs. Mounted on a heavy-duty aluminium base with non-slip feet, and 4 colour coded 4mm terminals for power connections. Contact positions are identified by colour-coded alphanumeric grids.

  • Low-static CMOS safe acetal plastic body

  • Accepts most electronic components including IC's and transistors

  • Contacts accept solid wires or leads of 0.3 to 0.8mm diameter

  • Nickel plated phosphor bronze contacts will withstanding up to 5,000 insertion cycles

  • Total 2390 tie points. 3 terminal strips (1890 tie points) 5 distribution strips (500 tie points)
Dimensions (mm): 230L x 175W x 31H

RoHS compliant

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