IC Tester - Linear

The Linearmaster Compact is a hand-held IC tester, capable of identifying and testing linear ICs with up to 16 pins. Unmarked and house-coded devices can be quickly and accurately identified, together with possible functional equivalents for replacement. As part of the IC test, the specific IC number, functional description of the device, and status of faulty pins are scrolled through on the display. The tester can operate in either conditional or unconditional loop modes, enabling simple detection of intermittent or temperature related faults. The clear 2x16 dot matrix display provides diagnostic information down to individual component pins. No programming is required, and the tester is powered by 2x9V PP3 size batteries, or 12VDC power supply (not included). NATO stock no. NSN 6626-99-083-4477.
RoHS exempt

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