TX2002 TDR/ Toner Cable Fault Locator
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TX2002 TDR / Toner Cable Fault Locator
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TX2002 TDR/ Toner Cable Fault Locator

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The TX2002 is a professional Time Domain Reflectometer and Toner designed to detect and locate faults on copper communication cables of up to a distance of 11,500ft.

Advanced signal processing techniques enables the TX2002 to find open, short circuits, splices,taps,water ingress and other more elusive impendence mismatches. A built in oscillator also provides a tone for pair tracing and identification.

Selectable cable impendence matching alongside variable velocity factor, enables the TX2002 to be used to test all communication cables including twisted pair and coaxial. Graphical results and fault distances displayed on a 64 x 128 dot matrix LCD. The LCD has an ultra bright electroluminescent backlight to ensure good readability in all lighting conditions.

The TDR/Toner is housed in a tough, ruggedized ABS plastic moulding, water and dust proof to IP54 and supplied complete with test leads and a protective tool-belt holster.

The TX2002 is designed and manufactured to international standards for quality, safety and reliability.

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Specification 375-538
TX2002 Cable Fault Locator

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