CamdenBoss CTB7300 Plug-in Professional 16A

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Pair Polarising Clips CTB7300/C
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CamdenBoss CTB7300 Plug-in Professional 16A

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Pin spacing: 5mmPin hole diameter: 1.3 mm
Wire acceptance:4.0 mm²Current rating: 16A/250VAC
Temp. range: -20°C to +125°C

These blocks enable easy disconnection in either horizontal or vertical position.
The PCB male part mounts vertically on the board, and the female part mating horizontally or vertically allowing
top or side entry. Moulded guides ensure effective connection. Rising clamp design for wide cable acceptance.
Available in 4 to 36 way lengths which can easily be cut to any size.
Polarising clips are available in pairs. When fitted to each end of the male connector these ensure correct vertical
or horizontal orientation of the female connector.
CamdenBoss CTB7300series (5mm pitch).

RoHS compliant

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Product Specifications

Specification 713-242 713-202 713-243 713-203 713-244 713-204 713-245 713-205 713-246 713-206 713-248 713-208 713-252 713-212 710-816 710-817 710-018
Dimensions (assembled) L x W x H (mm)
10x10.5x10.5 10x16.5x15.5 15x10.5x10.5 15x16.5x15.5 20x10.5x10.5 20x16.5x15.5 25x10.5x10.5 25x16.5x15.5 30x10.5x10.5 30x16.5x15.5 40x10.5x10.5 40x16.5x15.5 60x10.5x10.5 60x16.5x15.5 180x10.5x10.5 180x16x15.5 -
2 way 5mm male CTB7300/2M 2 way 5mm female CTB7300/2F 3 way 5mm male CTB7300/3M 3 way 5mm female CTB7300/3F 4 way 5mm male CTB7300/4M 4 way 5mm female CTB7300/4F 5 way 5mm male CTB7300/5M 5 way 5mm female CTB7300/5F 6 way 5mm male CTB7300/6M 6 way 5mm female CTB7300/6F 8 way 5mm male CTB7300/8M 8 way 5mm female CTB7300/6F 12 way 5mm Male CTB7300/12M 12 way 5mm female CTB7300/12F 36 way 5mm Male CTB7300/36M 36 way 5mm Female CTB7300/36F Pair of polarising clips CTB7300/C