Lapp Ölflex® Uniplus 1.5mm Tri Rated Cable

Lapp Ölflex® Uniplus 1.5mm Tri Rated Cable

The Ölflex® Uniplus Tri rated cable is BS, UL and CSA approved and marked single-conductor cable. Made with a flame retardant thermoplastic PVC insulation suitable for 105 °C continuous temperature.

They are suitable for protected, stationary use in control units / switch gear in conjunction with voltages of up to 1000 V AC.

Applications for use include electrical cabinets, switch controls, relays and instrumentation panels of power switch gear. Can also be installed in small electrical devices so can be utilised in most industries and sectors.

Min. Bending radius: occasional flexing: 10 x outer diameter / Fixed installation: 6 x outer diameter

Available in other sizes, please call for more information.

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