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Camden Boss Unblocked

Camden Boss is one of those rare companies whose reputation predates the company's existence; it seems hard to believe now but Camden Electronics and Boss Enclosures only merged seven years ago, in 2009.

By that stage both companies were already known for producing durable, well-engineered products designed with the actual needs of electronic engineers in mind. As they came together, their reputation only grew, and it's no real surprise that they now hold over one quarter of Britain's market for PCB terminal blocks.

The range of terminal blocks available shows both their attention to detail and their dedication to supplying the components that the market really need; pitches between 2.54mm and 10.16mm, rated between 4A and 57A, PCB mounted or pluggable, with rising clamp or wire protected – all the options you could want.

Their proud boast is that “Camden Boss has a PCB connection solution for every application," and here at JPR, we'd have to say that if that isn't true, it soon will be.

This is hardly the only product range they offer, of course, and the quality, variety, and dedication to the needs of the end user comes through in every product – but while you should look at the entirety of their production line to see what enclosures, housings, and racks will work for you, their terminal blocks will always stand out.

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