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Winning the relay race with HONGFA

Compact, Cost Effective, Industry Standard Footprint Power and PCB mount Relays

Specialist distributor JPR Electronics are major stockists of HONGFA miniature PCB and power relays as they are always in high demand by customers for a number of good reasons: competitive pricing, relatively low power consumption, compact size (providing savings in PCB space) and offering functional equivalents to industry standard footprint relays.

HONGFA is barely more than thirty years old yet produce over a billion relays each year from largely-automated factories. They have become one of the go-to companies when relays are needed for industrial or domestic appliance control, telecommunication, automotive and security applications, with around 160 different series of relays and nearly 40,000 specific items available to cater to each of these markets.

The availability of form-fit-and-function alternatives to widely used industry standard relays gives designers' access to lower cost and more efficient products from HONGFA making them a great alternative to other manufacturers in better known brands while reducing bill of material costs.

"Hongfa Relays are gaining popularity very rapidly, says Paul Raynor, Director of JPR Electronics, “and if they had been established earlier, would Hongfa now be designing alternatives to industry standards, or would they have become the industry standard themselves? HONGFA are a major player in the field of PCB and power relays and designers and buyers of electronic components cannot afford to overlook Hongfa Relays when designing new products or cost reducing existing ones."

Designers and buyers who buy electronic components from JPR should not overlook HONGFA's high-quality, competitively-priced relays which are suitable for a wide range of industrial and non-industrial uses, and in many cases have advantages over leading brands at a lower price.

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