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Yuasa Batteries

Yuasa are one of the world's largest manufacturers of valve regulated lead-acid batteries with wide range of applications. From heavy duty and service applications to standby applications where long battery life is a necessity, you can be sure that your requirements will be met.

Which series of Yuasa batteries is right for me?

At JPR Electronics, we stock 3 different series of valve regulated lead acid batteries. For heavy-duty applications, such as for electric tools, golf trolleys, communications, or test and measuring equipment, we stock the NPC series battery. If you are looking for a reliable, long service life battery, we have the NP series. The Yucel series of Yuasa batteries is the final range that we stock which is perfect for all standby applications, such as fire and security, emergency lighting, CCTV and more.


As with all of our products, our range of Yuasa batteries can usually be supplied within 24-48 hours. We are able to deliver individually or in larger quantities if required.

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