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PSU and Transformer Cases

Batteries, Holders & Chargers

GP Silver Oxide Batteries

GP Z10/V10AT Zinc Air Cells

GP Zinc Chloride Lantern Battery

Battery checker

GP Zinc Chloride Batteries

Battery chargers

Infapower P006 Universal Laptop Charger
Solar Battery Charger - AA Size
Solar Battery Charger - Universal
Infapower C001 Plug-In Ni-MH Charger
6V Solar Charger 100mA
Infapower C004 Universal NiMH Battery Charger

Battery Holders and Boxes

CR2032 and CR2430 Coin Cell Holders
Battery Boxes with Covers
CR2032 Coin Cell Retainer
CR2032 SMD Coin Cell Retainer CH28-2032LF
Comfortable, SBH-361A, AA x 6 Battery Box
CR2032 Vertical Mount Coin Cell Holder
CR2032 SMD Coin Cell Holder CH7410-2032LF
AA Battery Holders - PCB Mounting
C Cell Battery Holders
D Cell Battery Holders
9V PP3 Cell Battery Holder BH-9VPC
9V PP3 Switched Battery Holder with DC plug
AA Battery Holders - Solder Terminals
AA Battery Holders - Snap Terminal
AA Battery Holders - Wire Leads
9V PP3 Battery Holder with Leads BH-9VA
AA Battery Holders - economy range
Commercial C Cell Battery Holders
N Size UM5 PCB Mount Battery Holder BH511-4P
2 x AAA Battery Holder with JST Connector

Alkaline Batteries

GP Alkaline Button Cells
GP Alkaline Battery GP23A 12V
Varta Power One - Alkaline Batteries
GP Alkaline Batteries - Bulk packed
Duracell Industrial Alkaline Batteries

Lead Acid Batteries

Yuasa NP Series Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Yuasa NPC Series Cyclic Sealed Lead Acid Battery
CamdenBoss BEL Series Absorbent Glass Mat Battery
CamdenBoss Lead-Acid 6.0V Lantern Battery
CamdenBoss BEV120330A Rechargeable Battery 30Ah
CamdenBoss BEG Series, Single Cell, Lead-Acid

Lithium Batteries

VARTA Lithium Coin Cells
3V Lithium Battery CR123A
Lithium Memory Protection Cells
GP Lithium Coin Cells
9V PP3 Lithium Cell
Lithium AA Cell

Nickel Hydride Batteries

Infapower Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries
GP 4-pack AAA Ni-MH
Mempac Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
Ni-MH high capacity rechargeable batteries - GP

Battery clips and contacts

PP3 9V Battery Clip
9V Battery contacts
Coin cell retainer contacts
Heavy Duty 9V Battery Clip
9V PP3 Spring Clip Battery Holder

Cable Accessories

Cable Ties - White

Cable Ties - Coloured

Cable tie tensioning tool

Professional Interchangeable Ratchet Crimp Tool

Cable Ties - Black

Insulated Crimp Terminal

Cable Tie Bases - Self Adhesive

Cable Glands IP68 - Nickel plated Brass

Strain Relief Bushes

Cable Glands IP68 - Nylon

Heatshrink Sleeving

3:1 Flame Retarded Polyolefin Heatshrink sleeving
Heatshrink Sleeving 3:1 Polyolefin adhesive lined
Heatshrink Sleeving Kit
Heatshrink sleeving 2:1 Pre-cut lengths
Heatshrink sleeving 2:1 Mini-Reels
Heatshrink Sleeving 2:1 Standard reels

Cord end terminals (bootlace ferrules)

Single Cord End Terminals
Twin Cord End Terminals


Tantalum Chip Capacitors

Tantalum Bead Capacitors

Multilayer Chip Ceramic

Hitano Multilayer Chip Capacitors MLCC 0805
Hitano Multilayer Chip Capacitors MLCC 1206
Hitano Multilayer Chip Capacitors MLCC 0603

Hitano Electrolytic Capacitors

Hitano Electrolytic - Snap-In 85& ELP Series
Hitano Radial Electrolytic 85& ECR series
Hitano Radial Electrolytic 105& EHR series
Hitano Electrolytic 105& Submin EMR Series
Hitano Electrolytic - EXR Low Impedance 105&
Hitano Electrolytic - E5R Microminiature 105&
Hitano Axial Electrolytic 85& ECA series
Hitano Non-polarised Electrolytic - ENR 105&
Hitano Electrolytic 105& Snap-in EHP Series
Hitano Electrolytic - SMD 85& Series
Hitano Electrolytic - SMD 105& Series

Polyester Capacitors

Polyester Capacitors - Miniature
Polyester Capacitors - Box
Polyester Capacitors - Subminiature
Hitano Polyester Film (Mylar) Capacitors
Metallised Polyester MER series

Suppression Capacitors

Iskra KNB1560 Interference Suppression Class X2
Iskra KNB2520 Interference Suppression Class Y
Interference Suppression Class X2 - MPX series

Hitano Ceramic Disc

Hitano Ceramic Disc Capacitors - Low K (NPO)
Hitano Ceramic Disc Capacitors - Medium & High K
Hitano Ceramic Disc Capacitors - High Voltage

Hitano Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Hitano Ceramic Multilayer capacitors - Axial Lead
Hitano Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Z5U
Hitano Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors X7R


DC Power Leads

Audio & Video

Mini DIN socket fully screened
Jack Plugs 6.35mm screened
3.5mm Jack plugs
Nickel plated HD 3.5mm Jack plug
Gold-plated 3.5mm Jack Plug
PCB insert phono sockets
CLIFF CP30206N/NX Feedthrough Data Connectors
CLIFF CP30207N/NX Feedthrough Data Connector
CLIFF CP30208N/NX Feedthrough Data Connector
CLIFF CP30209N/NX Feedthrough Data Connectors
CLIFF CP30205N/NX Feedthrough Data Connector
Jack Socket 3.5mm Stereo PCB mount
Jack socket 3.5mm PCB with bush
Phono Plugs
Phono Sockets
Phono Connectors - professional range
CLIFF S1C series Stacking Jack Connectors
DIN Sockets - In line
Mini DIN Sockets
Mini DIN Sockets - vertical PCB mounting
Mini DIN Line Sockets
Deltron 7000 Series XLR Connectors
XLR Connectors - latching
Phono Sockets - PCB Twin/Quad
CLIFF S6 series 3.5mm Jack sockets
DIN Plugs - Standard Range
DIN Sockets - Chassis mount standard
DIN Sockets - PCB mounting
Deltron 610 series DIN Plugs
Deltron 650 series DIN Sockets
CLIFF CP3000 Series XLR Connectors
CLIFF CL series 6.35mm Jack sockets
Deltron 590 series DIN Plugs
Speaker Terminals - panel mounting
Mini DIN Plugs
Jack plugs 2.5 & 3.5mm
Jack plugs - 6.35mm
Audio Adaptors
3.5mm Jack plug to Phono adaptor
6.35mm Mono Jack plug to Phono adaptor
3.5mm Stereo Jack plug to 6.3mm Stereo Jack Skt
6.35mm stereo Jack plug to 3.5mm stereo socket
3.5mm Stereo jack plug to 2 x phono sockets
6.35mm Stereo jack plug to 2 x 3.5mm stereo plugs

Insulated Crimp Terminals

Insulated Crimp Tool
Crimp ratchet tool
Push-on female receptacles
Ring terminals
Fork Terminals
Fully insulated receptacles
Push-on male blade terminals
Male Bullet terminals
Female bullet terminals
Butt Connectors
Denshi Interchangeable Ratchet Crimp Tool Set

Mains and Power

Mains Extension Socket - 4 way
Power Safety Cut-out RCD adaptor
Quicktest Mains Connector
IEC Connectors
IEC Chassis Outlet 4.8mm terminals
IEC Push-fit outlet
IEC fused & switched chassis inlet
IEC fused & switched push-fit inlet
IEC cable socket
IEC cable plug
Inalways Snap-Fit 0717-1S-PQ10N-A IEC Inlet
IEC 60320 Chassis Inlet (C14)
C14 IEC fused chassis inlet
C14 IEC push-fit inlet
IEC 60320 Snap-fit Fused Chassis Inlet
PCB chassis inlet IEC60320 C14
Rich Bay IEC Chassis Outlet 6.3mm terminals
Mains Plugs
13A Mains Plugs
5A & 15A Round pin plugs


DIL IC Sockets - turned pin
DIL IC Sockets
PLCC Sockets
PLCC Sockets - SMT low profile
RJ45 Surface Socket
RJ45 Modular Communication Jack
D Connectors
D Connectors - Panel Mounting
D Connectors - High Density
D Connectors - Right Angle PCB
D Connectors - IDC
D connector covers - standard moulded.
D connector covers - screwlock
D connector covers - metallised
D Connectors - Straight PCB
USB Multipole Connectors
USB Connectors PCB Mount A & B

PCB Interconnection

2.54mm Straight Single Pin Headers
2.54mm Straight Dual Pin Headers
Turned Pin SIL Socket Strips
Turned Pin SIL Headers
2.54mm Single 90& Pin Headers
Turned pin 2.54mm Sockets
2.54mm Jumper links
2.54mm Dual 90& Pin Header
1.27mm Headers & Housings
Single row PCB header plugs 1.27mm
Dual row PCB header plugs 1.27x2.54mm
Single row PCB sockets 1.27mm
Dual row PCB sockets 1.27x2.54mm
Dual row PCB header plugs 1.27x1.27mm
Dual row PCB sockets 1.27x1.27mm
2.54mm Crimp PCB Connectors
Socket Housings
2.54mm Straight Pin Headers
90& Pin Headers 2.54mm 3A - Standard pinout
Crimp Terminals 2.54mm (0.1in.)
90& Pin Headers 2.54mm 3A - Reverse pinout
3.96mm Crimp PCB Connectors
3.96mm Straight Pin Headers
3.96mm Socket Housings
90& Pin Headers 3.96mm
Crimp Terminals (supplied on reel)
5.08mm Crimp PCB Connectors
5.08mm Straight pin headers
5.08mm Socket housings
Crimp terminals (supplied on reel)
Crimp PCB terminals
Crimp terminals 2.54mm
Crimp terminals 3.96mm
Crimp terminals 5.08mm

RF & Co-axial

MCX Straight PCB Coaxial Jack
BNC Clamp plug
BNC coupler - professional
BNC bulkhead adaptor
Schutzinger BNC - Shrouded 4mm Adaptor
BNC Crimp Plug
BNC Couplers
BNC Sockets professional series
BNC Sockets - Insulated PCB Elbow style
BNC Terminators
Co-Axial Plugs and Sockets
BNC Sockets - Insulated PCB Vertical style
BNC Bulkhead Sockets
BNC Bulkhead Sockets - Insulated
BNC Sockets - Vertical PCB
BNC Sockets - Screened Elbow Style

Single pole

Deltron 550/551 Series 4mm Plugs & Sockets
CLIFF S14 4mm Insulated Sockets
Deltron 571 series 4mm PCB Sockets
Deltron 553 Series 4mm Stackable Plugs
SCI R8-19 Series 4mm Stackable Plugs
CLIFF P16 Series 4mm Stackable Shrouded Plugs
CLIFF S16 Series 4mm Shrouded Sockets
CLIFF TP1 Series 4mm Terminal Posts 15A
CLIFF 4mm Terminal Posts TP-6 - 30A
Crocodile clips - Standard
Crocodile clips - Miniature
Crocodile Leads - Set of 10
CLIFF 4mm Slimline Plugs
SCI R1-9 4mm Terminal Posts 10A
PCB Blade Terminals
Shrouded 4mm / BNC adaptor
Quick Splice Connectors Krimpterm
Schutzinger SAK6675 Safety Crocodile Clips
Schutzinger IBU401 - 4mm 16A Sockets
Schutzinger IBU5568 - 4mm 16A Tab Sockets
Schutzinger SDK800 Quick Release 16A terminal post
Schutzinger FK8L 4mm 32A plugs (solder)
Schutzinger FK8S 4mm 32A plugs (screw)
Schutzinger VSFK5000 32A Safety test leads
Schutzinger ESD798 Q/R 16A Safety Terminal
50mm Crocodile Clips with 4mm socket
Schutzinger 6445 - 4mm Safety Sockets
Schutzinger 6446 - 4mm Safety Sockets
Schutzinger 6448 - 4mm Safety Socket
Schutzinger 6452 - 4mm Safety Socket
Schutzinger 6447 - 4mm Safety Sockets
Schutzinger POL6718 - 4mm terminal post 36A
Schutzinger ESD6554 Quick Release 4mm terminal
Schutzinger ESD498 Quick Release 16A Tab Terminal
Schutzinger SDK502 Quick Release Terminal/4mm plug
Schutzinger MFK15 16A Stackable test leads
4mm Stackable test leads
4mm budget plugs & sockets
4mm Banana Plugs
4mm panel sockets - solder connection

Terminal Blocks

Wago 256 Series CAGE CLAMP® PCB Terminal Blocks
WAGO 222 Series
WAGO 221 Series Compact Splicing Connector
WAGO 282-607 Din Rail 2 Conductor Terminal Block
CTB77VP High Current 57A Terminal Blocks
CFTBN Fused Terminal Block (5x20mm)
CMFTB Fused Terminal Block (6.3x25 or 5x20mm)
Camden Boss CTSN400 Industrial Terminal Blocks
Commercial Terminal Blocks
CTSN 431/433 Pluggable Industrial Terminal Blocks
CSTB Screwless Terminal Blocks - 5.08mm pitch
CamdenBoss CHTB6 Ceramic Terminal Blocks
CTB7000/7050/8000 22A Rising Clamp Terminal Block
CamdenBoss CTB7300 Plug-in Professional 16A T/B
PCB Terminal Blocks - Commercial
Sub-miniature 2.54mm Pitch
Sub-miniature 3.5mm pitch - TIANLI
Standard Profile - 5mm pitch - TIANLI
CamdenBoss CTB3000 45& Entry Type - 5mm pitch
CamdenBoss CTBA1301 Interlocking Plug-in style 5mm
Low Profile 5mm pitch - TIANLI
45& Entry type 5mm pitch - TIANLI
CamdenBoss CTB3051 Ultra Low Profile 3.5mm T/B
CamdenBoss CTB1201 Standard Profile 5mm pitch
CamdenBoss CTB5201 Low Profile 5mm pitch
CTB5202 Camblock Interlocking Terminal Blocks.
PCB Terminal Blocks - Professional
CTB0305/CTB0308 Submin. 3.5mm & 3.81mm pitch
CTB0500/CTB0508 Low Profile 5.0mm & 5.08mm pitch
CTB0100/CTB0108 Std Profile 5.0mm & 5.08mm pitch
CTB0110/0118 Std Profile 7.50mm & 7.62mm pitch
CTB0700/0708 24A 5.0mm & 5.08mm Pitch
CTBDDVG Two Tier - 5mm pitch
5.0mm Plug & Header Terminal Blocks
CTB9200 5.0mm Female plug terminal blocks
CTB9350/AO 5.0mm Side Entry PCB Headers - Open End
CTB9350/A 5.0mm Side Entry PCB Headers Closed End
CTB9000/AO 5.0mm Top Entry PCB Headers - Open End
CTB9300/A 5.0mm Top Entry PCB Headers - Closed End
3.5mm Plug & Header Terminal Blocks
CTB93VD 3.5mm Top entry closed header
CTB93HD 3.5mm Side Entry closed headers
CTB92HD 3.5mm Female Plug terminal blocks
3.81mm Plug & Header Terminal Blocks
CTB92HE 3.81mm Female Plug terminal blocks
CTB93VE 3.81mm Top entry closed headers
CTB93HE 3.81mm Side entry closed headers
7.5mm Plug & Header Terminal Blocks
CTB9400 7.5mm Female Plug terminal blocks
CTB9400 7.5mm Top entry closed header
CTB9550 7.5mm Side entry closed header
5.08mm Plug & Header Terminal Blocks
CTB9208 5.08mm Female plug terminal blocks
CTB9358/AO 5.08mm Side Entry PCB Headers Open End
CTB9358 5.08mm Side Entry PCB Headers - Closed End
CTB9308 5.08mm Top Entry PCB Headers - Open End
CTB9308/AO 5.08mm Top Entry PCB Headers Closed End
7.62mm Plug & Header Terminal Blocks
CTB9408 7.62mm Female plug terminal blocks
CTB9508 7.62mm Top entry closed end headers
CTB9558 7.62mm side entry closed end headers

IDC Connectors

IDC Cable Mounting Sockets
IDC Box Headers
IDC Header Plugs
IDC Transition Connectors
IDC Communication Plugs

DC Power connectors

DC Power Plugs
DC power socket 1.3mm
DC power socket - chassis mounting
DC power socket - heavy duty
DC power socket - panel mounting
Switchcraft RAPC712/722X series
SMT DC Sockets - Switchcraft
Line DC sockets
2.1mm DC Plugs
Switchcraft DC Power Plugs
Switchcraft R/A DC Power Sockets
PCB DC Power socket 2.1mm

Mains Power Cordsets

IEC Socket & 2M mains lead
IEC to CEE22 cordset
Moulded 13A plug to R/Angle IEC socket
US 3 pin plug to IEC socket cordset

PCB Supports

PCB Support - Snap Lock to M3 Female
PCB Support - Locking Bayonet to Locking Arrowhead

Enclosures - all styles

Development Board Enclosures

Raspberry Pi 2 cases
Development board platform - Raspberry Pi
Development board platform - Arduino
Arduino Uno Enclosure
Arduino Due Enclosures
Arduino Mega 2560 Enclosures
Hammond Raspberry Pi Case
Raspberry Pi Case


Hitano Metal Oxide Varistors

IEC Inlet Filters

Fused IEC Inlet Filters

Fuses & Protection

CamdenBoss CFH16 Chassis 32mm Fuseholder

Mains Fuses: Ceramic 1 inch

European fuseholder

CamdenBoss CF2470 Axial Fuses

20mm Fuses

100pcs 20x5mm Fuse Selection- ESKA
360pcs 20x5mm Fuse Selection - ESKA
CamdenBoss Quick Blow Ceramic Fuses 20x5mm
CamdenBoss Time Delay Ceramic Fuses 20 x 5mm
CamdenBoss CF0520 Quick Blow Glass Fuses 20 x 5mm
CamdenBoss CF0520T Time Delay Glass Fuses 20 x 5mm

32mm Fuses

CamdenBoss Quick Blow Fuses 32x6.3mm Glass
CamdenBoss Time Delay Fuses 32 x 6.3mm Glass

Radial Fuses

European Radial Fuses - Circular
European Radial Fuses - Rectangular

RCD Devices

Power Safety Cut-out (RCD)

Hitano - Resettable Fuses

Hitano Resettable fuses - RDL60V Series 60v
Hitano Resettable fuses - RDL30V Series 30v

Thermal Fuses

Thermal Fuses 250V 2-3A

CamdenBoss 20mm Fuseholders

20mm Fuse clip
CamdenBoss CFH02 20mm PCB Fuseholder
CamdenBoss CFH02H Hood for 20mm PCB Fuseholder
Semi-enclosed PCB Fuseholder CFH27
CamdenBoss CFH14+HB Semi-Enclosed PCB Fuseholder
CamdenBoss CFH07 Horizontal PCB Fuseholder
CamdenBoss CFH06 Vertical PCB Fuseholder
CamdenBoss CFH10 In-line Fuseholder
CamdenBoss Low-profile Fuseholder CFH04
CamdenBoss CFH09 Quick Release 20mm Fuseholder
CamdenBoss CFH12 Quick Release Fuseholder
CamdenBoss CFH08 Snap-Fit 20mm Fuseholder
CamdenBoss CFH11 Snap-fit Panal Fuseholder
CamdenBoss CFH05 Panal 20mm Fuseholder

Automotive Fuses & Holders

MINI-blade fuse holder
Single Automotive Fuseclips
Automotive fuseholder
In-line Automotive fuseholder
Blade Fuses

Motors, Fans & Accessories

Plastic Chain and Sprockets

Inline Motor & Gearbox 120:1

Sunon Fans - AC Axial Flow

Solar Motor with Gearbox

Motor Mounting Clips

Sunon Fan Guards - Metal

Twin Motor Gearbox Kit

Miniature Propellers

Motor mounting bracket

Economy Gearbox

Sunon Fan Guards - Plastic

Miniature 4 blade propeller

CIC 2 in 1 Gearbox kit

Clearbox Motor

Standard Gearbox

Sunon Fans - DC Brushless

Miniature Impellers

DC Motors

HS540 High Torque Motor
Low Inertia Solar Motor
Miniature 2V Solar Motor
RE130 (MM10) Low torque flat DC motor
RE140 (MM12) 3V 14700 RPM DC motor
RE260 (MM18) Medium torque round DC motor
RE280 (MM28) High torque round DC motor
S365 (MM36) High Power 12VDC motor

Geared Motors

Geared Motors - 918D Fixed ratio.
Geared Motors - 919D Fixed ratio
Geared Motors - 970D Fixed ratio
Geared Motors - 940D Epicyclic

Gears, Pulleys & Wheels

Miniature Pulleys - 2mm bore
Miniature Pulleys - 4mm Bore
Nylon Pulley Blocks
Miniature Gears - 2mm Centre Hole
Miniature Gears - 4mm Centre Hole
Plastic Brass Hub Gears
Smart Robot Wheel

Motor Speed Controllers

Forward & Reverse speed controller
Panel Mount Speed Controller
Miniature PWM Speed Controller
DC Motor speed controller-15A

Miniature Vibration Motors

Min. PCB Vibration Motor
Miniature Vibration Motor

Optoelectronics & Lamps

Kingbright 20mm High Intensity LEDs

Kingbright Low Profile SMD LEDs

10mm LEDs

Kingbright L-8131 Standard 10mm LEDs
Kingbright L-813SRC-E Ultrabright 10mm LED

3mm LEDs

Kingbright L-934SRC 3mm Ultrabright LED
Kingbright L-7104 Series 3mm Right Angle LED
Kingbright L-115WEGW 3mm Tri-colour LED
3mm LED Standard
3mm LED High Efficiency
3mm LED low current
3mm LEDs Blue - Water Clear
3mm LED - flashing
3mm LED - Cylindrical
3mm LED Blue - Diffused
Kingbright L-710 Series Dual Right Angled 3mm LED
3mm Superbright LEDs
Kingbright L-937EGW 3mm Red /Green LED Bi-Colour

5mm LEDs

Kingbright L-7113ND 5mm Pure Orange LED 30mcd
5mm Super Bright LEDs
5mm High bright Flashing LEDs
Kingbright L-53 & L-1513 5mm Ultrabright LEDs
Kingbright L-53 5v & 12v Diffused LEDs
Kingbright L-56 series 5mm Flashing LEDs
Kingbright L1503 Series 5mm PCB Mounting LEDs
5mm Superbright LEDs
5mm Rainbow cycling LEDs
5mm Blue LEDs - Diffused
5mm Blue LED - Water clear
5mm High Efficiency LEDs
5mm Low Current LEDs
5mm Standard LEDs
5mm Tri-colour LED
5mm Ultraviolet LED
5mm White Ultrabright LED

8mm LEDs

Kingbright L-796B 8mm Flashing LEDs
Kingbright L-793 8mm High intensity LEDs
Kingbright L-793SRC-E 8mm Ultrabright LED

Infrared Devices

Kingbright L-934/L932 Miniature IR Source/Sensor
High Power Infrared Source and Sensor
Rohm RPM6938 Infrared Remote Control Detector

Lamps & lampholders

M.E.S. Bulbs - 11 mm Round
M.E.S. Flashing Bulbs - 15 mm Round
M.E.S. Lens Ended Bulb
Miniature Bulbs
LES (E5) Bulbs 6 & 12V - 5 mm Tubular
M.E.S. Lampholder - ABS moulded
M.E.S. Lamp Base
M.E.S. clip-on Lamp Base

LCD displays & modules

LCD Displays (Backlit)
LED Backlit LCD Displays
LCD Displays - Reflective Character
Graphic LCD Modules

LED displays

Kingbright 5x7 Dot Matrix Displays
Kingbright 7.62mm (0.3in) Seven Segment Display
Kingbright 14.2mm (0.56in) Seven Segment Display
Kingbright 14.2mm (0.56in) Dual 7 Segment Display
Kingbright 25.40mm (1.0in) Seven Segment Display
Kingbright 10.9mm (0.43in) Seven Segment Display
Kingbright 56.9mm (2.24in) Seven Segment Display
Kingbright SA40-19SRWA 101.6mm (4.0in)

LED holders & spacers

SCI R9-4615 3mm Chrome Bezel LED Holder
SCI R9-4815L 5mm Chrome Bezel LED Holder
Kingbright RTC & RTF LED Clips - Panel Mounting
LED spacers

LED light bars

Kingbright DC10 10 Bar DIL Display
Kingbright Light Bar Display 8.89mm
Kingbright 10x20mm LED Light Bars

LED panel indicators

3mm LED Indicators
5mm LED Indicators

Rectangular LED

Kingbright L-113 - Rectangular 5x2mm LEDs
Kingbright L-1043 Rectangular Light Bar LEDs

Light Dependent Resistors

Light Dependent Resistor NORPS-12 (LDR)
Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)
Miniature Low Cost LDR
Ambient Light Sensor (RoHS)


Transistor Output
Darlington Output
AC input Transistor output
Triac Driver Optocouplers

OLED Display Modules

8 x 2 OLED Display
16 X 1 OLED Display
Winstar 16 x 2 OLED Displays
16 x 2 Big character OLED Display
20 x 2 OLED Display
20 X 4 OLED Display

Panel indicators

Push-fit 15x21mm panel neon indicators
Push-fit 14 x 31.5mm panel neon indicators
12V Panel indicators
Push-fit 13.5mm Panel Neon Indicators

PCB Equipment


Ultraviolet exposure units

Stencil Wipes

CLIFF PCB Assembly Jigs

Stripboard Cutter

Copper Clad Boards

Bungard FR4 Photoresist boards
Copper Clad Boards - plain
Photo Resist Coated Boards (CEM)

Mega Electronics Etching Equipment

Developing Tray
Etch Resist PCB Marker Pen
Developer Solution
Ferric Chloride Etchant
Fine Etch Crystals
Resist Strip Solution
Immerse Tin Powder
Universal Solvent
Ferric Chloride Stain Remover
Mega PA107 Universal PCB Processing Tank
Mega PA104 PCB Bubble Etch Tank
Mega PA210 Two Tank Etch/Spray Wash Tank
Mega PA310 3 PCB Bubble Etch Tank
Mega 500-702 Rota-spray Processor

PCB Accessories

PCB Eraser & Cleaner
Mega DM9000 Series PCB Shears
PCB Storage Racks
Kapton Tape

PCB Supports

PCB Supports - Snap Lock to M3 Female
PCB Support - Locking Bayonet to Locking Arrowhead
PCB Supports - Snap Lock to M4 Male Thread
PCB Supports - Non-Locking 2 Prong/Locking 2 Prong
PCB Supports - Hexagonal Male to Female
PCB Supports - Hexagonal Female to Female

PCB & Prototyping Accessories

Stripboard - Standard
Stripboard - Economy
Matrix Board
Terminal Pins
Laser Printer PCB Artwork Film
Kemo A200 Circuit Board Etching Kit


NEC Telecom Relays EA2 Series - DPCO 1A

BCL EM130 Series Universal Relay Card

Finder 38.51 DIN Rail Mounting Relay Modules

Finder - Miniature PCB Relays

Finder 43.41 Relays - SPDT 10A
Finder 30.22 Relays DPDT 1.25A BT47W/6
Finder 30.22 Relays DPDT 1.25A High Sensitivity
Finder 41.31 Relays - SPCO 12A
Finder 41.52 Relays - DPCO 8A
Finder 41.61 Relays - SPCO 16A
Finder 36.11 Relays - SPCO 10A
Finder 32.21 Relays - SPCO 6A
Finder 34.51 Relays - SPCO 6A

Finder - Miniature Power Relays

Finder 50 Series - Forcibly Guided Contacts 8A PCB
Finder 40.31 Relays - SPCO 10A and 12A
Finder 40.61 Relays - SPCO 16A
Finder 40.52 Relays - DPCO 8A
Finder 44.62 Relays - DPCO 10A
Finder 40.11 Relays - Low-profile SPCO 10A

Finder - Relay Sockets & Bases

Finder 40 Series PCB Mounting Relay Sockets
Finder 34 Series PCB Mounting Relay Socket
Finder 40 Series PCB Mounting DIN Rail Sockets
Finder 86.30 Plug-in Timer Module
Finder 95.05 DIN Rail Relay Socket 250v 10A

Hongfa - Miniature PCB Relays

Hongfa HFD2 Latching DPCO Relays
Hongfa Sub-miniature Relays HFD23 - SPCO 1A
Hongfa Sub-miniature DIL Relays HFD41
Hongfa Sub-miniature DIL Relays HFD41A
Hongfa Sub-miniature Relays HF7FD - SPCO 10A
Hongfa Miniature BT47 Relays HFD27 - DPCO 1A
Hongfa Miniature BT51 Relays HFD27(S) - DPCO 1A
Hongfa Subminiature HF3FF PCB relay

Hongfa - Miniature Power Relays

Hongfa Automotive Relays HFV4 - SPCO 40A
Hongfa Miniature Power Relays HF105F-2 - SPCO 20A
Hongfa HF115F/FA High power Relays

Resistors & Potentiometers

5W Axial Ceramic Power Resistors

Metal Film 1% Resistors MR25

Arcol HS50 Aluminum Clad Wirewound Resistors

Carbon Track Preset Potentiometers

Arcol HS25 Aluminium Clad Wirewound Resistors


5W Radial Ceramic Power Resistors

Wirewound Resistors

Rotary Potentiometers

Wirewound Potentiometers

Carbon Film Resistors

Zero ohm links
CR12 CF resistors (0.125W) - Pack 1000
CR25 CF resistors (0.25W) - Pack 1000

Cermet Trimming Potentiometers

Single turn cermet 3/8 in. 3386P
Single turn cermet 1/4 in. 3362P
Multiturn cermet 3/8in 3296W
Multiturn cermet 19mm (3/4in)
Single turn cermet 6.8mm - Bourns 3306P Series
Single turn cermet - 6mm enclosed
Multiturn cermet 3/8in 3296Y

Chip Resistors

0805 5% Chip Resistors - reels of 5,000
0805 1% Chip Resistors - reels of 5,000
1206 1% Chip Resistors - reels of 5,000
0603 5% Chip Resistors - reels of 5,000
0603 1% Chip Resistors - reels of 5,000

Enclosed Preset Potentiometers

Iskra PNZ10Z - Horizontal Type (Slot adjust)
Iskra PNZ11Z - Vertical Type (Slot adjust)
Iskra PNZ10Z - Horizontal type (Finger adjust)
Iskra PNZ11Z - Vertical type (Finger adjust)

SIL Network Resistors

7 Commoned Resistors - 8 Pin Package
8 Commoned Resistors - 9 Pin Package
4 Isolated Resistors - 8 Pin Package


Audio FETs


Surface Mount Transistors

Integrated Circuits

Melody Generator ICs
74HC Series High Speed CMOS
Linear/Driver/Power Supply ICs
Static RAMs
74HCT Series Surface Mount
74HC Series - Surface Mount
PICKit 2 Starter Kit

Semiconductor Hardware

Heatsinks - Compact Vertical
Heatsink -TV40
Heatsink - TV35
Heatsinks - TV58 & TV5
Heatsink - TO220 with Lugs
Heatsink - TV1505
Heatsink Compound - Tube
Heatsink Compound - Syringe

Bridge rectifiers

HY Bridge Rectifiers - 1A DIL
HY 6A Bridge Rectifiers
HY Bridge Rectifiers - 35A
HY Bridge Rectifiers - 35A wire- lead
HY Bridge Rectifiers - 35A Faston
HY Bridge Rectifiers - 50A Faston
HY Glass Passivated 1.5A Bridge Rectifiers
HY 25A Bridge Rectifiers
HY 4A Inline Bridge Rectifiers
HY Glass Passivated 4A Inline Bridge Rectifiers
HY 8A Inline Bridge Rectifiers
25A Inline Bridge Rectifier

Power Mosfets

Power Mosfets - N Channel
Power Mosfets - Audio Applications

Rectifier Diodes

Rectifier Diodes - 3A ultrafast
SMA 1A SMT Rectifier Diodes (5K Reels)
6A Rectifier diodes
1A Rectifier Diodes - 1N4000 series
3A Rectifier Diodes - 1N5400 series
Ultrafast rectifier diodes

Signal & Switching Diodes

Signal diodes - general purpose
SOT-23 Switching Diodes
Switching Diode LL4148
Switching Diode LS4148

Thyristors & Triacs

Thyristors - plastic cased
Triacs - plastic cased (Non-isolated)
Triacs - isolated tab

Zener Diodes

Zener Diodes - 500mW
Zener Diodes - 1.3W
Zener Diodes SMT - 300mW

Voltage Regulators

Voltage Regulators - Fixed 100mA TO92
Voltage Regulators - Fixed 1A TO220
Voltage Regulators - Fixed 2A TO220
Voltage Regulators- Adjustable
Voltage Regulators - Adjustable L200

Schottky Diodes

1A Schottky Diodes
3A Schottky Diodes

PIC Microcontrollers

PIC18F High performance Microcontrollers
PICDEM.net2 ® Development Board
PIC12C/CE Microcontrollers
PIC16C5X & 16F5X Microcontrollers
PIC16CXX Microcontrollers
PIC16F87X Microcontrollers
PIC12F/PIC16F 8-bit Microcontrollers
PICKit 1 - FLASH Starter Kit
PIC12F6XX Microcontrollers

Solar Cells and Panels

12V Weatherproof Solar Modules

Solar Voltaic Kit (Educational)

Solar AA Battery Charger

Solar Educational Kit Model 828

Solar Modules - resin encapsulated

Solar Educational Kit Model 689

Polycrystalline Solar Cell Modules

Solar Ventilator

6V Weatherproof Solar Modules

Solar Battery Charger - Universal

Solar Educational Kit Model 723

Solar Charger Panel - 3V output

Solar Cell Modules

12V Solar Panels

Solar Irradiance Meters

Solar Meter TM-207

Soldering Equipment

Soldering toolkits

CLIFF Fume Extractor and Purifier Unit

Desoldering Pump

Antex ST6A H8B0060 Soldering iron stand

Antex SK8 Soldering Kit K88J470

Antex 660A Analog Soldering Station

Solder Dispenser

Fume Extractor & Filter Unit

Antex 690D Digital Soldering Station

Antex ST4 H400020 Soldering Iron Stand

Soldering Aid Set

Solder Mop (Desoldering braid)


Solder - Lead Free Autosol
Autosol Bit Saving Solder
Solder - Low Fume
Solder - Omega Rosin Free
Solder - Lead Free Omega TSC
Solder - Lead Free Mini reels

Soldering Iron Spares

Antex Replacement Heat-Resist Cable
Soldering Iron Bits

Soldering Irons

Antex Gas-Cat 60 Soldering Iron
Antex Gas-Cat 120P Soldering Iron
Antex 15W Soldering Iron S272470 & S27J470
Antex CS18W Soldering Iron S482470
Antex XS25W Soldering Iron S582470 & S58J470
Antex TCS Soldering Iron - Temperature Controlled
Antex M12W Soldering Iron S17J470
Antex SZ004W0 Battery Soldering Iron
Antex HP Soldering Irons - High Power Range

Soldering Power Supplies

Antex UP82060 Power Supply - 24V Plug-in
Antex 650-PS Power Supply - Bench type

Speakers & Sounders

Miniature Piezo Siren

Piezo Soundbomb - SP1

Miniature Speakers - Paper Cone

Piezo Siren SP6210

Buzzers - Transistor Oscillator

Ultrasonic Transmitter & Receiver 40KHz

Subminiature Flat Speakers

Siren & Strobe Combo Unit

Miniature Piezo Siren

Microphone Inserts

Mylar Cone Speakers

Subminiature High Power Speakers

Buzzers - Piezo

Piezo Buzzer - 32mm
Piezo Buzzers - 23mm Low profile

Piezo Elements

Piezo Ceramic Elements
Piezo Elements with feedback

Piezo Sounders

Panel Mounting Piezo Sounders
Piezo Alarm - Sealed
Piezo Alarms - High Output

Piezo Transducers

Piezo Transducers - 24mm
Piezo Transducers - 30mm
Piezo Transducer 30mm - High output
Piezo Transducer - 22mm

Subminiature Buzzers & Transducers

Subminiature Buzzers
Miniature Electromagnetic Transducer
Subminiature Buzzers - Low profile
Subminiature Piezo Sounder
Miniature Piezo Sounder

Switches & Sensors

Float Switches

NTC Thermistors

Linear Acceleration Switches

Voltage Selector Switches

Comus (Assemtech) M1219 Series Magnets

Proximity Switches - Cylindrical Magnetic

Pressure Mat

DIL & SIL switches

DIL Switches - Diptronics NDI Low Profile series
Diptronics NHDS Half-pitch SMD DIL switches
SMD DIL Switches - Diptronics DMR series
DIL Switches - Diptronics DS series
Piano DIL Switches - Diptronics DPL series
SIL Switches - Diptronics SIP-T series

Key Operated switches

Key operated SPDT & DPDT Switches
Key operated SPST Switches
Lorlin SKL Key Lock Switch - Key Withdrawal A Only
Lorlin SKL Key Lock Switch - Key Withdrawal A&B

Keyboard switches

Startaboard Computer Keyboard
D6 PCB Keyboard Switches


V3 Paddle Lever microswitch
V4 Miniature Microswitches
V3 microswitches - 10A
V3 microswitches - 3A
Subminiature Microswitches

Pushbutton switches

Miniature push switches
Miniature push switch - PIC
Miniature Push to Break Switch
Miniature push switches - SCI
Everel Circular Mains Push Switch (snap-fit)
Salecom R18-24A/24B Octagonal Button Push Switch
Salecom R18-23A/B Square Button Push Switch
IP67 momentary push switches
Press Switch
Salecom TS30-P/ SPST Ultraminiature Push Switch
Salecom ES-40P IP67 Sealed PCB Push Switch
Salecom R18-36A Microminiature Push Switch
IP67 latching push switches
Apem 1200 series push switches
SCI R13-502M Low Profile Push Switch
Square latching Push Switch SCI R13-83B Series
Everel SXL4 Series SPST 16A Momentary Switch

Reed switches

Sub-miniature reed switch
Miniature reed switches
Reed Proximity Switches
SMD reed switch
Encapsulated reed switches
DPCO reed switch
Encapsulated reed switches - low cost

Rocker switches

Everel Miniature Rocker Switches
Everel Visi Rocker Switch
Everel DPDT Miniature Rocker Switch
Everel A1 Miniature Illuminated Rocker Switches
Miniature Illuminated 6A rocker switches
Everel Illuminated Rocker Switches
Circular rocker switches - I/0 legend
Circular snap-fit rocker switches - SCI
12V rocker switches
Miniature SPST rocker switch
Everel DPST Standard Rocker Switch
Everal Splashproof Rockerswitch Covers
SPST Rocker switches - PIC
Everel B4MASK Series IP65 Sealed Rocker Switches
Circular rocker switch DPDT
Visi rocker switches - SCI
DPST rocker switch - SCI

Rotary switches

Taiwan Alpha SR2612F Rotary Switch
Hartmann Binary Coded Sealed Rotary Switch
Lorlin CK Series Rotary Switch
Taiwan Alpha SR2611F Rotary Switch

Slide switches

Miniature PCB slide switch SPDT
Salecom T80S Series Slide Switch
Salecom 250 Miniature PCB Slide Switch
Salecom TS40-S Series Ultraminiature Slide Switch
Salecom Subminiature IP67 Sealed PCB Slide Switch
Miniature slide switch
Standard slide switches
APEM NK236 Microminiature slide switches
3 position PCB slide switch
Slide voltage selector switch
Vertical PCB slide switch SPDT

Tactile (TACT) switches

Diptronics DTS-3 Series Tact Switches 3.5x6mm
Diptronics DTS-2 Series Tact Switches 12x12mm
Diptronics DTS-6 Series TACT Switches 6x6mm
Diptronics TACT Switches - SMD
TACT Switch Keycaps - 12mm
Diptronics TACT Switch Keycaps - 6mm

Tilt & Vibration switches

Tilt Switch - Mercury
Tilt Switch - Encapsulated Mercury
Tilt Switch - Non-Mercury
Tilt Switches - Low Cost Non-Mercury
Vibration Switch CM4400 - Mercury
Vibration Switches - Non-Mercury
Tip-Over Switch - Non-Mercury
Vibration Sensor - Adjustable
Mercury-free Tilt Switch Module

Toggle switches

Miniature toggle switches - PIC
Salecom TS40-T Subminiature PCB Toggle Switch
Salecom TS40-T Series Subminiature Toggle Switch
Salecom T80-T Series Miniature PCB Toggle Switch
Salecom T80-T Series Miniature Toggle Switch
Salecom ES-40T IP67 Sealed Submin. Toggle Switch
Industrial toggle switches- APEM 600H
SCI R13-4 Standard Toggle Switch
Salecom T80-T Series Locking Lever Toggle Switch
SCI R13-29B DPDT High Current Toggle Switch

Vandal Resistant switches

Vandal Resistant Illuminated 19mm switches
APEM AV Series Vandal Resistant 22mm switch
APEM AV Vandal Resistant 22mm switch - IP65 sealed
Vandal Resistant 16mm switch - IP65 sealed
Vandal Resistant 19mm SPNO/SPNC switch

Piezo Switches

CPS16NF Series Aluminium 16mm piezo switches
CPS22IF/IR Aluminium Point lit Piezo Switches
CPA-EXIT-SW Stainless Steel Piezo Exit Switch
CPKBX11 Series Aluminium Piezo Keypads
CPS22IF Series Piezo Switch M22 White Tri-LED
CPA-ST-ALN Aluminium Door Entry Piezo Keypad

Test & Measurement

Uni-T UT527 PAT Safety Tester

Educational Bench Meters

Battery tester

Power Meter by Energenie

100MHz Digital Oscilloscope

LCD Multirange Panel Meter

Analysers & Detectors by Peak Electronic Design

Peak Atlas Triac & Thyristor Analyser
Peak Atlas DCA Semiconductor Analyser
Peak Atlas LCR Analyser
Peak Atlas ESR70 Plus Tester
Peak Atlas IT Network Cable Analyser


Uni-T UT39A Multimeter
Uni-T UT39C Multimeter
Uni-T UT20B pocket multimeter
DM830D Multimeter
Uni-T UT58C Multimeter
Uni-T UT61E Autoranging with PC interface
Uni-T UT33B Palm Size Digital Multimeter
Uni-T UT61B Autoranging with PC interface

Test Leads

BNC Plug to Red & Black 4mm Plug Leads
BNC Plug to Red & Black Croc Clips Lead
Crocodile Lead Set 10 Red & 10 Black
Miniature crocodile leads - Set of 12
Schutzinger MFK11 Stackable 2mm Test Leads
Mulitmeter Test Lead Set - Right Angle Plugs
Schutzinger MFK15 Stackable 4mm test leads
Schutzinger VSFK5000 32A Stackable test leads
Crocodile leads - Set of 10
Stackable test leads - 4mm

Environmental Meters

YSE YF-20 Sound Level Meter
TM-206 Solar Meter
TM-207 Solar Meter
TM-102 Autoranging Sound Level Meter
TM-103 Datalogging Sound Level Meter
UT333 Mini Temperature & Humidity Meter
UT353 Mini Sound Level Meter
UT363 - Mini Anemometer
UT383 - Mini Light Meter

Tools & Service Aids

PVC Insulation Tape - 20M Reels

Desktop Magnifier Lamp

Component Storage Boxes

Fume extractor & filter

Screwlock & Thread Seal

Cable tie tensioning tool

PLCC Extraction Tool

Needle File Handle

Needle File Set - 10 piece

Tweezer Set

Servisol Heatsink Compound - Syringe

Servisol Heatsink Compound - Tube 25g

Hex Key Set - 30PC Metric and Imperial

Fluorescent Daylight Magnifier Lamp

Aerosol Products

Servisol 6100001300 Super 10 Switch Cleaner 200ml
Servisol 6100003000 Freeze It 20 200ml
Servisol 6100003510 Freeze It 25 400ml
Servisol 6100002000 Foam Cleanser 30 400ml
Ambersil Amberclens Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner
Servisol 6100009000 Plastic Seal 60 200ml
Servisol 6100013000 Anti-Static Spray 200ml
Servisol 6100005000 Aero Klene 50 200ml
Servisol 6100012000 Aero Duster 200ml
Servisol 6100012000 Tape Head Cleaner 75ml
Servisol 6100014500 Glass Cleaner 200ml
Servisol 6100016000 Label Remover 130 200ml
Servisol CD cleaner 200ml
Servisol 6100015500 Adhesive 120 500ml
Servisol 6100017000 Refurb 140 400ml
Servisol 6100019000 Deflux 160 200ml
Servisol IPA 170 Isopropyl Alcohol Aerosol 400ml
Ambersil 31570 Air Duster 400ml
Servisol 6100008000 Super 40 lubricant 400ml
Total Clean 200 Flux remover solution
Total Clean 130 Stencil cleaning solution
Electrolube DCA/DCR Conformal Coating - SCC3
Electrolube HPA200H Conformal Coating
Clear protective lacquer

Assembly Aids

Servisol Silicone Grease
Helping Hand Assembly Aid
Twin pack potting compound
Soldering Aid Set

Cable Strippers

Coaxial Cable Stripper
Automatic Wire Strippers
Economy Wire Stripper

Callipers & Micrometers

Electronic Digital Caliper
Electronic Calliper
Micrometer 0-25mm

Crimping Tools

Denshi Interchangeable Ratchet Crimp Tool
Insulated/uninsulated terminal Crimping Tool
Ratchet Crimping Tool for insulated terminals
Industrial BNC/Co-axial Crimping Tool
RJ-11, RJ-12, RJ-45 Crimping Tool
IDC Connector Crimping Tool
HT-225D Crimping Tool for PCB connectors

Cutters & Pliers

5 piece Mini plier set
Low cost Side Cutters
Low cost Top Cutters
Low cost bent-nosed pliers
Low cost long nose pliers
Low cost flat nose pliers
Light duty side cutters
Industrial side cutters
Industrial long nosed pliers
Industrial bent nosed pliers
Precision Side Cutters
Precision Top Cutters
Precision Snipe Nose pliers
Precision Flat Nose pliers
Precision Round Nose pliers

Miniature Drills

HSS Twist Drill Set
HSS Twist Drill Bits

Pre-forming Tools

CLIFF PM1 Component Preforming Machine


Screwdriver Pack - 60 Miniature Screwdrivers
Screwdriver Pack - 60 Assorted Screwdrivers
Mains Test Screwdriver
6 piece Precision Screwdriver Set.
Flat Blade Miniature Screwdriver Set

Static Protection

Universal Grounding Cord
Adjustable Wristband
Stainless Steel Wristband
Grounding Cords
Earth Bonding Plugs
Earth Bonding Bar
Anti Static Field Service Kit
Static Dissipative ESD Kit
Static Dissipative Bench Mat
Static Shielding Bags
ESD Warning Labels
Static Dissipative Transparent Bags

Tool Kits

Miniature Flat Blade Screwdriver Set
Miniature Nut Driver Set

Torches by Infapower

Infapower F020 Soft Touch Torch 2xAA
Infapower F020 Soft Touch Torch 2 x D
Infapower Security Precision 3W Cree LED Torch


Myrra 47000 Series AC/DC Switch Mode Power Supply

PCB Audio transformer OEP Z1604

OEP Pulse Transformers PT4 PT6 PT8

Encapsulated Low Profile EN61558 Transformers

OEP Audio transformer E187A

Myrra 44000 EI30 Encapsulated Transformers

OEP A262A Audio Transformers

OEP1200 Line Isolation Transformer

OEP8000 Line Isolation Transformer - SMD

Vigortronix VTX-146 Series Toroidal Transformers

Chassis Transformers - Single/Dual primary

Terminal Shrouds
Chassis Transformers 6VA Output
Chassis Transformers 12VA Output
Chassis Transformers 20VA Output
Chassis Transformers 50VA Output
Chassis Transformers 100VA Output

PCB Transformers

Transformers PCB 3VA Output
Transformers PCB 6VA Output
Transformers PCB 12VA Output

Clearance Stocks

Male Bullet terminals

GP Ultra Plus 2 x C size alkaline

HY 1.5A Bridge rectifiers

MES screw base LEDs

Multiturn cermet 19mm - Tyco

Piezo Transducer 14mm - SMD

Ring Terminals

2.54mm Dual Header - 40 (2 x 20) way

Gender Changers

Hitano Electrolytic 105& Low leakage EMRL series.

Equipment Wire 7/0.2mm - 10m lengths

13A Socket Tester

Fully Insulated Fem. Push-on Receptacles

Multilayer chip capacitors 1210 X7R

3362W Single turn cermet trimpot

GP Ultra Plus 2 x D size alkaline

CR25 CF resistors (0.25W) - Pk 100

Push-on blade terminals

Inductors - High current bobbin type

ATMEL ATtiny2313-20PU

Encapsulated Transformers

Time Delay Glass Fuses: 20 x 5mm - Littelfuse

Multiturn cermet 10mm - Tyco 4290W

Salecom Snap-action keyboard switch

Cat. 5E Patch Cables

Fork Terminals

BNC plug - Moulding Tyoe

BNC T Adaptors

Jingle Bells/Santa Claus/Merry Xmas melody IC

Press Stud 4 x D Battery Holder

Desktop Case

BNC Y Splitter

3mm LED - Megabright

Panel Meters 47x60mm

Cat 6 Patch Cables

DC power socket - 3.5A PCB mounting

Time Delay Ceramic Fuses: 20 x 5mm - Littelfuse

Jack socket 2.5mm PCB mount

Cable Ties - Releasable

Inductors - Low current miniature radial lead

Female Bullet terminals

1206 5% Chip Resistors - reels of 5,000

Splice Connector

Quick Blow Glass Fuses: 20 x 5mm - Littelfuse

Rotary Switches (Make before break)

Miniature 24V PCB Buzzer

Six way push-fit IEC outlet

Electronic Tool Kit - 34 piece

Kam Ling KS1P miniature SPST relay

Quartz Crystals - HC49/U

Phono Sockets - PCB mounting

4mm Stackable Leads - 60cm

Speaker Terminals Push-fit PCB Mounting

Panel Meters 60x70mm

X2 Suppression 0.47uF 275V

3-5V Solar Module

5mm Megabright LEDs

Equipment Wire 1/0.6mm - 10m lengths

150mm Hacksaw blades (x10)

4 pole 20A Mains Connectors

Square Miniature push switches

9.3mm Megabright LEDs

Etch Resist PCB Transfers

Computer Tool Kit - 18 piece

Female Push-on Receptacles

Hongfa Miniature Power Relays JZC36F - SPNO 10A

Hitano Z5v 1Kv Ceramic Disc Capacitors

Multilayer chip capacitors Y5V(+80/-20%)

Thermal Fuses 250V 1A

BNC Plugs - professional range

8PDT slide switch

ABS Boxes

Self Adhesive Feet

Hammond 1591 Flanged Lid Flame Retardant

Ritec RL series project enclosures

Hammond 1591 Multipurpose Enclosures

Hammond 1551 series flanged enclosures

Hammond 1553 series Enclosures

Hammond 1553 Watertight Enclosures

Miniature Flanged Boxes

Hammond 1591 series - FR multipurpose ABS

Hammond 1599BBKBAT Hand-Held Enclosure FRABS Black

Hammond 1554 series watertight ABS Enclosures

Hammond 1553T Enclosures

Hammond Modification Services

Miniature Two-Part Boxes - T2,T3,T4

Hammond 1591 series - Translucent Boxes

Hammond 1594 series H/D ABS Enclosures

CamdenBoss 2000 Series ABS boxes

Hammond 1551 miniature enclosures

Hammond 1591XX series Flame Retardant Enclosures

Ritec RP series Watertight ABS enclosures.

Aluminium Cases

Hammond 1455 Series Aluminium Instrument Enclosure

Eddystone IP54 Diecast Aluminium Boxes

Hammond 1590 series Flanged Diecast Enclosures

Hammond 1455 Series Aluminium Instrument Enclosure

Hammond 1457 Series IP65 Waterproof Enclosure

Hammond 1550Z IP66 Diecast Enclosure

Hammond 1455 Series Channel Mount

Hammond 1590 series Diecast Enclosures

Hammond 1550W Watertight Diecast Enclosure

DIN Rail Modules

CamdenBoss CIME/E Euro DIN Rail Mount Module

CamdenBoss CIME/M Mini DIN Rail Mount Module

CamdenBoss 45mm DIN Rail Enclosure CVB450/KIT

CamdenBoss CNMB DIN Rail Mounting Module Boxes

CamdenBoss 22.5mm DIN Rail Enclosure CVB225/KIT

Hand-Held Cases

Hammond 1599 Series Tablet Enclosure

Hammond RP1465 Watertight ABS Enclosure 220x165x85

Hammond 1593 Series Hand-Held Enclosure

Hammond 1599 Series Hand-Held Instrument Enclosure

Hand-held Enclosure - Type P18

Remote Control Case

Instrument Cases

Self Adhesive Feet for Instrument Cases

Sensor & Speaker Cases

Sensor Case - Low-profile

Sensor Case - solid top

Circuit Breakers

Thermal Circuit Breakers - IP68

Circuit Breakers - panel mount

Thermal Circuit Breakers - Wire lead

Thermal Circuit Protectors

Thermal Circuit Breakers - PCB

Circuit Protectors - panel mount

Rocker Switch Circuit Breakers

Prototyping Boards (Breadboards)

WBU301 Prototyping Board

Dupont 40 pc. Jumper Wire

Jumper Wire Kits

WBP-317 Solderless Breadboard

WBU204 Prototyping Board

WB102 Prototyping Board

WBU202 Prototyping Board

Frequency Control

Ceramic Resonators - 2 pin

Watch Crystals

Crystals - SMD

Crystals - low profile

Ceramic Resonators - 3 pin

Power Supplies

Infapower P004 Universal Power Supply - 2250mA

Power Supplies - PCB Encapsulated

Infapower P002 Universal Power Supply - 1000mA

Analogue 30V Dual meter PSU

90W Automatic Laptop Charger

Lascar PSU 130 Digital Power Supply

Infapower P003 Universal Power Supply 1500mA

LCD 30V Dual meter PSU


Keyboards & Mice

Multicolour Mini-Mouse

Special needs keyboard

Upper & Lower case Keyboard

Startaboard Computer Keyboard

Retractable Mini Mouse


Solar educational kit model 828

Memory Game

Twin Motor & Gearbox Kit

Educational Solar Voltaic Kit

10 LED Running Circle Light Kit

Uncased 4GB USB Memory Stick - only £3.08

Clock Movement & Hands

Rainfall Indicator Alarm

10 LED light ring flasher kit

CIC 2 in 1 Gearbox kit

Telephone Cutoff Timer Kit (1-20min)

FM Radio Kit V2

Low Battery Alarm Kit

Melody signal generators

MP3 Mono amplifier kit

Solar educational kit model 689

Metal Detector Kit

12 LED Chasing light kit

13 Key Mini-Organ kit

Turning Frog Kit

MP3 Stereo amplifier kit

AM Radio educational kit

Water level indicator Kit

Educational Solar Water Heater Kit

Solar educational kit model 723

Rear Bike Light

Light Activated Alarm kit

6 in 1 Educational Solar Kit

Dice project kit

Three Train Sounds Kit

Line Tracker Mouse Kit

MeArm Robotic Arm Kits

Kemo A200 PCB etching kit

Line Tracker Robot Kit

Photo Sensor and Control Relay Kit

Sound Reversing Car Kit

Voice activated switch kit

6 digit Digital Clock/Stopwatch

DC Motor speed controller (15A)

PIC Kit 1 - FLASH Starter Kit

Educational Wind Turbine Kit

Photosensor Intruder Alarm

Inductors & Chokes

Murata 2200R Series Low Current Radial Inductor

Inductors - Murata bobbin type

Common & Differential mode suppression chokes

Cables & Wires

Tinned Copper Wire

Ribbon Cable - Flat - Grey - 250ft Reel

Speaker Wire

USB-C Cables 1.0m

Moulded DC power leads

24/0.2mm Equipment Wire - 100m Reels

USB 2 Cables 1.8m

RF Coaxial Cable RG58A/U

7/0.2mm Equipment Wire - 100m Reels

Apple 30-Pin to USB Cable 1.0m

USB to Micro USB Cable 1.0m

Apple Lightning Cable 1.0m

16/0.2mmEquipment - 100m Reels

Enamelled Copper Wire

55/0.1mm Extra Flexible Wire - 25m

Cat 5E patch cables

1/0.6mm Equipment - 100m Reels

Nickel Chrome wire

Ribbon Cable - Flat - Grey - 100ft Reel

Flexible Mains Cables - BS:6500

3183Y 1.00mm² Flexible Mains Cable
Twin core - Oval - 2192Y (3A/300V)
2183Y 0.50mm² & 0.75mm² Flexible 3 Core Cable

Mains Cordsets

IEC straight socket & 2m lead cordset
IEC - CEE22 cordset
IEC plug to dual IEC socket cordset
IEC socket to 13A plug cordset
IEC R/angle plug to 13A plug cordset
13A plug to dual IEC sockets cordset
Moulded 13A plug & 2m cordset
European plug to IEC socket cordset
North American power cordset
13A plug to fig. 8 cordset
European plug to C5 cloverleaf socket
13A plug to C5 Clover leaf socket

Kit Housings

FB01 multi-purpose box

FB04 multi-purpose box

FB 26-27-29 flanged encosures

FB03 multi-purpose box

FB17 slimline box

FB10 Instrument/Desktop enclosure.